International development

International Development

How can we tackle global challenges relating to issues like poverty, social exclusion, economic stagnation, humanitarian crises, human security, conflict and violence? Why have some countries succeeded in overcoming these problems while others have to deal with continuous disasters and conflicts?

Explore the politics and economics of development, conflict resolution, security and humanitarian aid in war-torn societies, global health, and international migration

Our experts have years of experience in development research, practice and policy-making, developed by working on the ground across sub-regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle-East. Our work covers topics such as the politics and economics of development, conflict resolution and peace-building, security and humanitarian aid in war-torn societies, the politics of global health, and international migration. We examine both short- and long-term factors and driving forces behind a single phenomenon as well as the social and civic dimension of those most affected by it.

If we look at the many levels of conflict and violence, for example, what social, economic, political and intra-regional factors give rise to conflict and hinder the resolution process? How are ordinary people affected by it? And in which way can international organisations support civilian-led activities for conflict resolution and peace-building?

One of our recent projects focused on different forms of corruption in the South Mediterranean countries. We identified the main vulnerabilities of local and regional authorities in public procurement and public services and suggested areas of priority for intervention. Another study looked at the effect of new urbanisation forces on the migrant labour demand in South Asia. It offered an insight into how investments in large-scale urban construction, and the demand for labour generated by it, give rise to varied forms of migration.

Who we work with

We work with an interdisciplinary team of academics coming from different LSE departments and specialised centres, such as the Institute of Global Affairs, the Department of International Development, the Department of International Relations.


Economic development and aid

What we do:

Generating evidence-based knowledge to enhance the design and implementation of social and economic interventions. We provide expert guidance and practical support to help policymakers and international development organisations identify and prioritise key actions, offering expertise and experience in specialist disciplines, sectors, and contexts.

Examples of our work:

Women's Agency in Low-Income Settings
Unilever UK Central Resources Limited, 2019

Road to Women's Business Growth
Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (CBFW), 2017

NCE Coalition for Urban Transitions: Finance Workstream
World Resources Institute & Department for International Development (DFID), 2017

The Urbanisation Construction Migration Nexus in 5 Cities in South Asia
DFID’s South Asia Research Hub, New Delhi, India, 2016

India’s Smart Cities Mission
Bloomberg Philanthropies, 2016

DFID Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (GEFA)
Department for International Development (DIFD), Oxford Policy Management (OPM) & ITAD, 2015

Core experts:

>   Professor Diane Perrons
>   Professor Ernestina Coast
>   Professor Harry Barkema
>   Dr Jonathan Leape
>   Professor Robin Burgess
>   Professor Tim Allen

Decentralisation and governance

What we do:

Examining relevant laws, regulations and policy processes to address practical challenges concerning the sustainability of government strategies, fiscal policy, and decentralisation, among others. We deliver policy evaluation, critical reviews and expert guidance to identify best practices, develop intervention models, and tackle different governance issues.

Examples of our work:

“Evaluation of the Safer Communities Incubation Programme”
Imani Development International Ltd, 2019

Public Finance for a Genuine Federal Democratic Union: An Introduction into Public Spending and Taxation Issues for Myanmar
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), 2017

Preventing Corruption at Local and Regional Level in South Mediterranean Countries
European Committee of the Regions (CoR), 2017

EuropeAid/136630/DH/SER/MULTI, Public Procurement Initiative Location – Latin America and Asia
European Commission & Everis Spain, 2017

Impact of Fiscal Decentralisation on Local Economic Development in Serbia & Montenegro
European Research Academy Belgrade (EURAK) & University of Fribourg, 2016

Independent End Term Review of DFID's Coalitions Support Programme (CSP) Component of the Vietnam Empowerment and Accountability Programme (VEAP)
Department for International Development (DFID), 2015

China/UK Research & Exchange: Commissioning and Procurement of Public Services from Civil Society Organisations in the UK
British Council China, 2015

Core experts:

>   Alice Sampson
>   Professor John Sidel
>   Professor Jude Howell
>   Dr Will Bartlett

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