Labour market

Labour Markets and Employment

Technological progress, automation, globalisation and sustainable trade are changing the landscape of the labour market and labour force worldwide. We study current problems and policy interventions in order to understand present and future trends in the labour sector and how they will have an impact across business and labour force.

Which factors affect the demand and supply of labour that in turn reflect the stability of an economy?

Both the supply of and demand for labour affect how economies operate at local, regional, national and international levels. Our research focuses on institutions and policies within the labour market, looking for example at trade union dynamics and unemployment support systems, but also at minimum wage and flexible work policies.

One of our projects, for instance, implemented a cost-benefit analysis on a newly introduced policy on parental leave, whereas another explored the long-term impact of policies targeting low-pay and in-work poverty. We have also done research on how inequalities in the labour market persist due to labour force segregation between low-wage and high-wage, and blue-collar and white-collars jobs. Additionally, we are interested in labour markets in developing countries, particularly the impact of education policies on child labour and employment prospects.

Our team focuses extensively on the connection between education and employment policies in order to provide insight into the future of labour markets. We study the transition from higher education to the job market with regards to graduate skills and training and the changing demand of the sector for graduates. Related to this, we are interested in the political benefits of work-based learning in vocational education and training.

Who we work with

Our experts work at the Department of Economics, Department of Management, Department of Social Policy, the European Institute and the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)

Areas of expertise

Green and tech-driven transformations in labour markets

What we do:

Applied research and policy reviews for public and private institutions about the implications of the digitalisation of work (e.g. information technology, internet of things, artificial intelligence and automation), and research on the relationship between employment and green transformations and climate change. 

Examples of our work:

Digitalisation - Taking charge of the change
Gowling WLG & McCann Central, 2019

Academy on the Green Economy and High Level Policy Dialogue on “The Future of Work in the Transition to Inclusive Green Economies”
The International Training Centre of ILO, 2016

Core experts:

>   Dr Alex Bowen
>   Dr Carsten Sørensen

Welfare to work and wage policy

What we do:

Research to identify significant challenges and trends in labour markets, making the most of available data to produce policy-relevant evidence. We provide expert advice, policy reviews and assessments to understand the impact and functioning of minimum wage policies, job quality and types of employment, among other topics across economic sectors and regions.

Examples of our work:

Social & Economic Research Framework Agreement (Welfare Policy Seminars)
Department for Work and Pensions – DWP, 2017-20

Social Situation Monitor
European Commission – DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, 2016-19

Review of CDC’s Jobs Methodology: jobs induced by loans from financial institutions
CDC Group plc, 2018

Research on the Impact of the National Living Wage
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), 2017

Low Income Dynamics Work
Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), 2017

Wage Competitiveness in Luxembourg
Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 2016

Briefing paper on the "Assessment of Youth Employment Initiative (YEI)"
European Parliament & Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), 2016

Core experts:

>   Dr Abigail McKnight
>   Dr Alex Bowen
>   Dr Bob Hancké
>   Dr Eleni Karagiannaki
>   Dr Grace Lordan
>   Dr Niccolo Durazzi
>   Professor Stefan Collignon
>   Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis
>   Dr Will Bartlett

Transitions to labour market and paths to employment

What we do:

Providing research insights and expert advice to identify factors that act as drivers and constrainers within national and international labour markets, and addressing policy-related concerns about the gaps between skills requirements and training in job markets, recent labour market developments across sectors and industries, among other topics.

Examples of our work: 

What’s new in Political Economy?
European Trade Union Institute, 2016

Italy’s Productivity Conundrum: A Study on Resource Misallocation in Italy
European Commission – DG for Economic and Financial Affairs, 2016

LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Evaluation
LinkedIn, 2016

From University to Employment: Higher Education Provision and Labour Market Needs In the Western Balkans
European Commission – DG for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture & Panteia, 2016

Core experts:

>   Dr Bob Hancké
>   Dr Steve Coulter
>   Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis

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