Organisations and Management

Evolving trends in technology infrastructure, the labour market and global economy are posing significant challenges to small, medium, and big organisations in the private and public sector.

Good organisational management equals transformative practices and greater impact

Concepts from economics, law, political sciences, psychology and sociology, combined with interdisciplinary research methods, help us address organisational and management challenges across sectors. Our team has expertise in a diverse range of industry sectors and workplace settings, and its perspective on organisation dynamics and management practices has a global scope: from London and New York to Cape Town and Singapore.

We explore issues around team organisation, performance management, dispute resolution, and workplace and industrial democracy. We take a close interest in the economic benefits of applying technology to existing practices, such as company policies and structural changes to boost productivity. For example, for one of our recent projects we carried out a cost-benefits analysis of policies aimed at improving employees’ work-life balance. We examined working from home, part-time working, childcare support and maternity leave policies in several US firms. How can these factors influence and increase a company’s overall productivity?

Additionally, we are interested in the best existing and potential new policy practices which can support growth and development in private organisations, focusing on existing barriers to growth at the firm level and at government level.

Who we work with

Our experts come from LSE’s Department of Management, Department of Economics, the School of Public Policy and the Behavioural Research Lab, as well as external organisations.

Areas of expertise

Strategic Management

What we do:

Combining economic theory with managerial practice to bridge the missing gaps in managerial and logistical execution of public policy. We aim to address today's challenges within organisations and provide an understanding of strategic approaches for organisations to grow sustainably.

Examples of our work:

How to measure and track the External Business Environment - an Authoritative Guidebook
Huawei Technologies, 2019

Huawei Dynamic World 2018
Huawei Technologies, 2018

STAR Tool Development Workshop
North of England Commissioning Support, 2018

Core experts:

>   Dr Alexander Grous
>   Dr Ben Shenoy
>   Dr Christine Côté
>   Professor Gwyn Bevan
>   Professor Saul Estrin

Organisational Behaviour and Dynamics

What we do:

Providing research insights on new management paradigms, using multiple methods to help organisations understand and adopt new management strategies.  We provide expert guidance to identify drivers of productivity, growth potential and other relevant outcomes across diverse sectors.

Examples of our work:

Global Thought Leadership on Business Model Innovation: The Haier Case
Haier Electrical Appliances Corp. Ltd, 2017

Travel Distribution: The end of the world as we know it?
Amadeus & Kwittken, 2016

Study on Productivity among UK Businesses
Text 100, 2016

Modes of firm growth
Grant Thornton, 2015

Core experts: 

>   Dr Alex Gillespie
>   Dr Alexander Grous
>   Dr Barbara Fazolo
>   Dr Christian Busch
>   Gilberto Montibeller
>   Professor Saadi Laahlou
>   Dr Tom Reader 

Management & Digital Transformation

What we do:

Applied research and expert advice on the introduction of technological solutions. We focus on mapping best practices, providing evidence-based knowledge, and guiding the design and adoption of ICT-based management tools, as well as understanding current regulations and data transparency issues in the public and private sector.

Examples of our work:

Digital Justice: Introduction of ICTs in the justice systems of Latin American and the Caribbean
Inter-American Development Bank, 2019

The Transformative Effect of Cloud on Firm Productivity and Performance: Defining the benefits and impact of cloud as a 21st Century digital enabler
Amazon Web Services, 2018

Scale-up Dashboard
Innovate UK & Scale-up Institute, 2018

Developing a Complaints Analysis Tool for the West Midlands Police
Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), 2018

Impact for Businesses and Benefits to Using Collaboration Tools
Text 100, 2018

Developing a Complaint Coding System for different Organisational Settings
HM Courts & Tribunals Service, 2017

How the EU and Member States Manage Data Transparency and Accessibility on EU Funds
European Parliament & Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), 2016

Core experts:

>   Dr Alex Gillespie
>   Dr Alexander Grous
>   Dr Antonio Cordella
>   Michèle Finck
>   Dr Neil Lee
>   Dr Roger Levy
>   Dr Tom Reader

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