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Public Policy and Regulation

We engage with a range of stakeholders in the public sector to provide interdisciplinary support on public policy and regulation. In doing so, we contribute to public sector innovation, analyse emerging trends in public management, review existing policies and make policy recommendations.

We focus on existing practices, potential reforms, and policy impact on citizens across society

Our work examines policies and issues at the core of public governance. We are, for example, interested in the ramifications of corruption around the world, focusing on the dynamics between central, regional and local government and the mechanisms that favour and hinder it.

A focus on policy review and policy reform is essential in order to address the challenges faced by governments and organisations. Our world-leading expertise in conducting in-depth analyses of existing procedures enables us to identify best practices which can support reforms of national policies. To give an example, we reviewed parliamentary budget scrutiny practices for an upcoming reform in the Scottish parliament budget process.

Looking beyond policy in itself in both the public and private sector, it is of interest what the implications of existing policies and practices in everyday life are. We have studied, for example, the influence of parental separation policy, court procedures on contact, and financial arrangements during separation on children’s well-being. Similarly, we have assessed the positive decrease in rates of unintentional conceptions and sexually transmitted infections following new policy reforms in the access to sexual and reproductive health services in the UK.

Who we work with

The experts we work with come from LSE departments such as the Department of Government, Department of Social Policy, and the Department of Law, as well as from external organisations.

Areas of expertise


What we do:

Legal and policy research and evaluation for national and international agencies in financial, commercial, environmental and social regulation.

Examples of our work:

Public Finance for a Genuine Federal Democratic Union: An Introduction into Public Spending and Taxation Issues for Myanmar
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS; Konrad Adenauer Foundation), 2017

China/UK Research & Exchange: Commissioning and Procurement of Public Services from Civil Society Organisations in the UK
British Council China, 2015

The Pension System in Sweden
Stockholm: Ministry of Finance

The Pension System in Finland: Adequacy, Sustainability and System Design
Finnish Centre for Pensions

Core experts:

>   Dr Joachim Wehner
>   Professor Jude Howell
>   Professor Nicholas Barr
>   Dr Regina Enjuto Martinez
>   Professor Stefan Collignon

Good governance

What we do:

Research with a focus on corruption in local, regional, national and international institutions. The ultimate goal is to contribute to ethical and democratic governance.

Examples of our work:

Ministries, corruption and capture – is there a correlation?
World Bank Group, 2019

Review of content and presentation of the European Court of Auditors
European Court of Auditors, 2018

Preventing Corruption at Local and Regional Level in South Mediterranean Countries
European Committee of the Regions (CoR), 2018

Good Practice in Parliamentary Budget Scrutiny
Scottish Parliament, 2017

Preventing Corruption and Promoting Public Ethics at the Local and Regional Level in Eastern Partnership Countries
European Committee of the Regions (CoR), 2017

Core experts:

>   Dr Ellie Knott
>   Dr Joachim Wehner
>   Jose Javier Olivas Osuna
>   Dr Sandra Sequeira

Policy reform

What we do:

Evaluations, comparative studies and in-depth research in constitutional and institutional frameworks at national and international level, with the aim to improve the provision of public services.

Examples of our work:

Transitioning to a new Scottish State: an update
Sustainable Growth Commission, 2016

Impact of Fiscal Decentralisation on Local Economic Development in Serbia & Montenegro
European Research Academy Belgrade (EURAK) & University of Fribourg, 2016

Core experts:

>   Dr Ellie Knott
>   Professor Patrick Dunleavy
>   Professor Tony Travers
>   Dr Will Bartlett

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