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LSE Health is incredibly rich in expertise and research knowledge that can change the way people and organisations think.

Led by LSE Health specialists at the forefront of their fields, our courses enable health care professionals to apply theories in social sciences to contemporary, real-world health care challenges facing governments, businesses and societies.

Our established world presence and growing reputation in health policy and health economics have attracted many requests for research, expert advice and collaborations on consulting engagements. Resulting in significant partnerships with policy makers, government bodies, regulatory agencies, corporate clients and organisations such as the Department of Health (UK), European Commission, AstraZeneca and the World Health Organisation, amongst others.


We bring diverse and deep experience to every health care consulting engagement and have a proven track record of delivering innovative, evidence-based solutions across a broad range of fields that transcend borders. Some examples of the work that we do include feasibility and impact studies, industry analyses, policy research as well as socio-economic evaluations.

Training and Education

LSE Health also specialises in delivering training and education programmes for public and private sector organisations around the world. Led by LSE Health specialists at the forefront of their fields, our courses enable health care professionals to apply theories in social sciences to contemporary real-world health care challenges facing governments, businesses and societies.

Key Areas of Expertise

LSE Health has set international standards in innovative research and new knowledge. Our multi-disciplinary and exploratory approach towards research are unique strengths that have encouraged replication around the world. Our key areas of expertise are:

Health Policy

LSE Health has made important contributions towards measuring and understanding inequalities in health and access to health care. We have contributed to improving efficiency in the use of resources. Our knowledge and skills have led to requests from many countries to draw lessons for national health policy, often with intention of informing health care reform.

Health Economics

LSE Health has an established presence in the health economics domain. Through high-quality research and methodological advances, the health economics team at LSE Health has delivered breakthroughs in areas involving economic evaluation, pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement as well as health technology diffusion.

Global Health and Development

LSE Health is internationally recognised for our innovative approach, rigour and comprehensive scope in comparative work involving health systems in different settings. Aimed at a multi-national audience, our comparative work highlights the diversity of approaches to global health and development as well as the importance of history and context in shaping these approaches.

Health Technology Regulation and Assessment (HTA)

HTA plays a crucial role in informing decision-making on the reimbursement of medical technologies globally. It is a multidisciplinary activity which studies the clinical and the cost effectiveness of new pharmaceuticals or any other medical interventions, as well as how health policy might be impacted by the new technology and what the social and ethical implications might be for patients and the wider society.

Key Contacts

LSE Health

Professor Elias Mossialos
Director, LSE Health
+44 (0)20 7955 7564

Professor Alistair McGuire
Chair, LSE Health
+44 (0)20 7955 6375

Dr Panos Kanavos
Deputy Director, LSE Health
+44 (0)20 7955 6802

LSE Consulting

Jeannine McMahon
Director of LSE Consulting
+44 (0)20 7107 5215


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