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Broadpeak: Scaling up a Swiss Impact Investing start-up

Project Stream:
 Marketing Action Learning Projects, Summer Term 2023

Industry: Impact Investing Advisory

The students provided us with eye-opening ideas; getting an external view was very useful to complement our auto-evaluation.

About the company

Broadpeak is a Swiss-based international advisory specialising in impact finance, founded in October 2021. Our goal is to help our partners (governments, asset managers and organisations in mainly developing countries) focus on their strategic impact generation. We provide fundraising advice, RfP writing, tender agent and procurement work, due diligence, ex-post evaluations and country/sector analysis. The projects we work on range from climate change to resource exploitation and poverty alleviation, addressing some of the most pressing global challenges of our time.

About the project:

As a relatively new company Broadpeak wanted to improve their marketing approach to build a better brand and reach more potential partners.

Project Objectives:

1) The first task involved market research with our competitors and partners.This included desk research as well as exchanges with partners, this was useful in gaining a macro picture of the sector. The aim will be for this market research to help us refine our position within the market, leaving room for creativity and strategic "out-of-the-box" thinking.

2) Another important task was the development of the marketing-related elements in our business plan.This will help us define and implement a strategy, based specifically on brand and pricing.


broadpeak 1Broadpeak's statement

What do you think the students brought to the business? Were their ideas different from what you could have achieved if you have conducted this project in-house?

They supported us where we had a professional gap analysis. The LSE team provided us with very good insights on several dimensions:

  • An external and therefore more objective view on our business and positioning. Some ideas were consistent with our own common-sense observations and others were eye-opening ideas. Getting an external view was very useful to complement our auto-evaluation.
  • Clear recommendations on what makes sense for us from a professional marketing point of view.
  • Clear recommendation on which measures we could take in the short and long term. We could not have achieved this inhouse as we lack the professional marketing know-how and mainly rely on common sense. 

How do you think the Business Projects have helped your business?

It has helped us to increase our efficiency, especially as a start-up with only a handful of people, we have millions of things to do simultaneously. Marketing is always on the to-do list but always, unfortunately, drops off the priority list if partners/clients have urgent requests. Given that we receive many assignments, we practically never have the time to develop a sound and professional marketing plan. We don’t have proper marketing expertise in the team, hence, professional and modern know-how was extremely useful for us. 

How would you use the outcomes in your business going forward?

We will use the findings as a compass and content-rich idea-book when it comes to the implementation and improvements to our marketing efforts. I believe we will use this for the next 2 -3 years until we reach the next level in our company.

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