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The Cheeky Panda: Perceptions of paper and how to position our bamboo paper in comparison to traditional paper

Project Stream:
 Marketing Action Learning Projects, Summer Term 2023

Industry: FMCG

The students did a superb job in assisting us with the next stage of our growth.

About the company

The Cheeky Panda is a start-up that creates ultra sustainable, hypoallergenic toilet tissue paper, flushable hand towels, facial tissues and biodegradable wipes from 100% bamboo (the world's fastest-growing plant). They are a B Corporation, committed to making ‘sustainability feel good’.Their products are 100% FSC® certified, vegan & cruelty-free, and no trees or harsh chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

About the project:

They wanted LSE Marketing students to explore people's perceptions of paper - particularly what people perceive to be "better" out of the following: bamboo, regular toilet paper, or recycled toilet paper. This included looking into sustainability, texture and health factors, as well as conducing market research with brands such as Andrex, Kleenex, Who gives a crap and Ecoleaf. 

Project Objectives:

  • How to elevate the position of bamboo paper in comparison to traditional paper
  • How to sell The Cheeky Panda, and it's product in marketing adverts.

cheeky panda main imageThe Cheeky Panda's statement

What do you think the students brought to the business? Were their ideas different from what you could have achieved if you have conducted this project in-house?

We are time constrained to be able to do deep economic and trend analysis and having the students assist with the research is a project that wouldn’t have got completed without their help.  

How do you think the Business Projects have helped your business?

Without the raw data, and the statistical analysis conducted by the students it was very hard for us to understand where the marketing opportunities lay. Therefore the students' analysis helped us with our data story and has allowed us to focus our attention on specific areas. 

How would you use the outcomes in your business going forward?

The student's research is already being used in sales presentations, particularly in dicussions around the marketing channels we use and product development. They did a superb job in assisting us with the next stage of our growth.

cheeky panda analysis