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Project Stream:
Marketing Action Learning Projects

Industry: Professional Development/ Education

The students bought passion, dedication, hard work and professionalism.

About the company

EQuinox Rising is a completely new UK start-up. Their mission is to develop emotionally intelligent growth mindsets through lifelong learning. By celebrating diversity in all its forms and embracing the inclusion of every individual, they aim to accelerate the creation of a more equitable world where all can thrive.   


About the project: Company objectives

EQuinox Rising wanted to scale up quickly and launch into the marketplace but needed to better understand its positioning strategy, target audience and segments as well as consumer behaviour. This would allow them to generate a clear marketing launch strategy and ensure they enter and capture the market as quickly as possible.  

EQuinox Rising wanted to establish itself as the ‘Go to’ provider for people/ business essential/soft skills. As a “high potential” start-up, this marketing project was required to allow the business to inform its launch strategy with knowledge and research on; customer emotions/needs, messaging, and branding, USPs, audience information and opportunities and threats both within the market and globally. 

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EQuinox Rising Statement

What do you think the students brought to the business? Were their ideas different from what you could have achieved if you have conducted this project in-house?

The students bought passion, dedication, hard work and professionalism. We were very impressed with their work and attitude. It was lovely to get new ideas and hear other people’s opinions. Because EQuinox Rising is in the start-up phase the number of in-house employees is small. Therefore, it was incredibly useful to have additional and diverse skills, ideas, and opinions within the project.

How do you think the Business Projects have helped your business?

Even just writing the MALP project brief meant stakeholders of EQuinox Rising were opening their minds more and thinking about how the future of marketing within the company would look and what the strategy might be. The passion and dedication of the MALP students showed us that EQuinox Rising has huge potential. The data the students collected is invaluable and can be used in so many wany ways to support the growth of EQuinox Rising. To start with the data will be used for marketing and research and development. Some of the thoughts and ideas the students presented during the project were incredibly significant and will most likely be adopted by EQuinox Rising. One of the standout points was specific updates to the EQuinox Rising website.

How would you use the outcomes in your business going forward?

As mentioned, we will use the research data for marketing and R&D, and we will update the website in line with suggestions made by the students within the project. The competitor analysis they conducted was also useful, especially the benchmarking of the product cost. This is something EQuinox Rising needs to look more into and was not such an important objective prior to undergoing the MALP project. It was vital that the students discussed this within their project and is something EQuinox Rising will now action moving forward.

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