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Project Stream:
 Global Master's in Management CEMS, Spring Term

Industry: Healthcare, Med-Tech

The students were able to bring a unique and fresh perspective which played a massive part in driving a lot of changes within our company and in how we think about our business and industry.

About the company

Siemens Healthineers is a leading global medical technology company. 66,000 dedicated colleagues in over 70 countries are driven to shape the future of healthcare. An estimated 5 million patients across the globe benefit every day from their innovative technologies and services in the areas of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine, as well as digital health and enterprise services. They help physicians, medical staff, and healthcare providers prevent illnesses from occurring and correctly diagnose and determine the right treatments for people who do become ill, helping them to recover faster.

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About the project: Company objectives

Project Background

The company wants to grow its services revenue by offering Next-Gen Immersive Digital Education (AR, VR, Gamification, Simulation) and Workforce Solutions services to their own customer base during the lifecycle of their products and solutions, as well as to other Healthcare providers and clientele.

Current Situation

The Immersive Digital Education and Workforce Solutions services business is facing several challenges, among those are:

  • Traditional educational offerings include formats such as onsite and classroom, which is still the biggest revenue generator for countries. Next-Gen Immersive Digital Education and Workforce Solutions are currently in their early growth stage with user adaptation challenges.
  • Traditional sales force focusing on ‘big ticket’ items (bigger product business); effort-to-outcome ratio for smaller services business not efficient.
  • Reaching more customers and understanding their needs better.
  • Making customers aware of the services portfolio and its value proposition.

Project Objectives

The overall aim of this project is to create and validate the underline business model with the pricing scenarios benchmarking with current digital platform strategies in the market.

  • What is the TAM, SAM, and SOM analysis from the platform strategy?
  • Clear definition of the user group, personas both from educator and learner.
  • Identify and structure the healthcare practitioner learner and educator pain points.
  • Aggregate the above user requirements to support the platform strategy and user journey.
  • What is the quantifiable value of solving those problems? e.g.: cost/benefit analysis.
  • Develop a business model including a value pricing approach.
  • Promotion strategies for both partners and users.
  • Why should customers say “No” to the platform strategy?

Expected Deliverables

  • A management report and presentation.
  • Create a prototype incl. “click-through minimum viable product” approach.
  • ROI Value Calculator per user group.
  • Commercialization GTM blueprint.

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Siemens-Healthineers Statement

What do you think the students brought to the business? Were their ideas different from what you could have achieved if you have conducted this project in-house?

The students were able to bring a unique and fresh perspective which played a massive part in driving a lot of changes within our company and in how we think about our business and industry.

 How do you think the Business Projects have helped your business?

The ideas that were put forward by the students during this project were warmly welcomed by our business so much so that we are currently working on implementing a great majority of the ideas and strategies.

 How will you use the outcomes in your business going forward?

The outcomes the students produced during the Business Projects scheme will have a huge impact on our company, this is due to the sheer amount of ideas, strategic and tactical initiatives they provided for us. 

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