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Dr Tamar Ashuri

Thesis: The global vs. the national shared vs. cosmopolitan memory: the case of co-produced television documentaries (2004)

Dr Gregory Asmolov

Thesis: Subject, crowd and the governance of activity: The role of digital tools in emergency response (2016)

Dr Jessica Baines

Thesis: Democratising print? The field and practices of radical and community printshops in Britain 1968-98 (2016)

Dr Nikola Belakova

Thesis: Defamation, Privacy and Freedom of Expression. A Socio-Legal Study of the Interplay between the Slovak Personality/Goodwill Protection Regime and Journalism, 1996-2016 (2019)

Dr Amal Benaissa

Thesis: Blog.Gov: winning the digital hearts & minds - an examination of government blogging as a foreign policy communication tool in the digital era (2012)

Dr Nicholas Benequista

Thesis: The moral dilemmas of journalism in Kenya's politics of belonging (2016)

Dr Evengelia Berdou

Thesis: Managing the bazaar: Commercialization and peripheral participation in mature, community-led free/open source software projects (2007)

Dr David Brake

Thesis: 'As if nobody's reading'?: The imagined audience and  socio-technical biases in personal blogging practice in the UK (2009)

Dr Niall Brennan

Thesis: The Brazilian television mini-series: Representing the culture, values and identity of a nation (2012)

Dr Sally Broughton Micova

Thesis: Small and resistant: Europeanization in media governance in Slovenia and Macedonia (2013)

Dr Fabien Cante

Thesis: Living together in the post-conflict city: Radio and the re-making of place in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (2017)

Dr Keren Darmon

Thesis: Representing SlutWalk London in mass and social media: Negotiating feminist and postfeminist sensibilities (2017)

Dr Ranjana Das

Thesis: Interpretation: From audiences to users (2011)

Dr Benjamin De la Pava

Thesis: Analyses of contemporary North American romantic films and the meanings brought to and made from them by socially and economically diverse audiences in London (2017)

Dr Brooks DeCillia

Thesis: The politicians, the press and the people: The contested dynamic of framing Canada’s Military Mission in Afghanistan (2017)

Dr Alex Free

Thesis: Workplace selves, interactive service work and outsourcing: Labour in Kenya’s call centres (2015)

Dr Iginio Gagliardone

Thesis: Development and destabilisation: The selective adoption of ICTs in semi-authoritarian regimes (2010)

Dr Ruth Garland

Thesis: Between media and politics: Can government press officers hold the line in the age of 'political spin'? The case of the UK since 1997 (2017)

Dr Kate Gilchrist

Thesis: Singledom and feminine subjectivity: fantasy, contemporary popular culture and lived experience (2021)

Dr Marina Gerner

Thesis: Journalists with cosmopolitan skills: how do journalists at the New Yorker and Economist Group perceive themselves, their audience and their work in the age of globalisation? (2015)

Dr Maxmillian Hanska-Ahy

Thesis: Public Communication as ideal and practice: Definitions of the common good in Persian-language transnational newswork (2013)

Dr Ellen Helsper

Thesis: Internet use by teenagers (2007) 

Dr Gyorgyi Horvath

Thesis: The mediation of suffering: domestic violence and the role of the Hungarian media as an agent for social change (2019)

Dr Yukie Hory 

Thesis: Social networks in the network society: New dynamics of networking among women's organizations in Asia (2010)

Dr Anita Howarth

Thesis: Discursive intersections of newspapers and policy elites: A case study of genetically modified food in Britain, 1996-2000 (2012)

Dr Yanning Huang

Thesis: The politics of online wordplay: on the ambivalences of Chinese internet discourse (2019)

Dr Indrek Ibrus

Thesis: Evolutionary dynamics of the media forms in the open mobile web (2010)

Dr Mehita Iqani

Thesis: Consumer magazine covers in the public realm (2009) 

Dr César Jiménez-Martínez

Thesis: Nationhood, Visibility and the Media: The Struggles for and over the Image of Brazil during the June 2013 Demonstrations (2017) 

Dr Helene Johansen

Thesis: Re-conceptualising party-centred politics in terms of market: A relationship marketing approach (2009)

Dr Jaewon Joo

Thesis: The discursive construction of discrimination: The representation of ethnic diversity in the Korean public service broadcasting news (2012)

Dr Daniel Kardefelt Winther

Thesis: Excessive internet use: Fascination or compulsion? (2014)

Dr Anthony Kelly

Thesis: Voices of outrage: online partisan media, user-generated news commentary, and the contested boundaries of American conservatism during the 2016 US presidential election (2021)

Dr Angelos Kissas

Thesis: Ideology in the age of mediatized politics: A study on the aesthetics and politics of charisma, ordinariness, and spectacle from the 2015 election advertising campaigns in the UK and Greece (2018)

Dr Joelle Kivits

Thesis: Health information on the internet: Researching information seekers and practices in a mediated health context (2005) 

Dr Daniel Knapp

Thesis: The social construction of computational surveillance: Reclaiming agency in a computed world (2016)

Dr Afroditi-Maria Koulaxi

Thesis: Narratives of the self in encounter with alterity at times of crisis (2016)

Dr Maria Kyriakidou

Thesis: Watching the pain of others: audience discourses of distant suffering in Greece (2011)

Dr Ana Ines Langer

Thesis: The case of Tony Blair in historical perspective (2006)

Dr Sebastián Lehuedé

Thesis: Governing Data in Modernity/Coloniality: Astronomy Data in the Atacama Desert and the Struggle for Collective Autonomy (2021) 

Dr Frederik Lesage

Thesis: Networks for art work: An analysis of artistic creative engagements with new media standards (2009)

Dr Zhongwei Li

Thesis: Cut-out: music, profanity, and subcultural politics in 1990s China (2019)

Dr George Maier 

Thesis: Valued capital(s) and devalued labour in London’s “Gig Economy” (2021)



Dr Dina Matar

Thesis: News, memory and identity: The Palestinians in Britain (2005)

Dr Patrick McCurdy

Thesis: 'I predict a riot' - mediation and political contention: Dissent!'s media practices at the 2005 Gleneagles G8 summit (2009)

Dr João Carlos Magalhães

Thesis: Civic voice and imaginaries of algorithmic visibility during the Brazilian political crisis (2019)

Dr Shani Orgad

Thesis: The use of the internet in the lives of women with breast cancer: Narrating and storytelling online and offline (2003)

Dr Svenja Ottovordemgentschenfelde 

Thesis: Beyond 140 characters: The underlying forces that shape political journalists' Twitter engagement (2018)

Dr Vaios Papanagnou

Thesis:Social media and the transformation of journalism. (2021)

Dr Josephine Perry

Thesis: Whose news: Who is the political gatekeeper in the early 21st century? (2007)

Dr Gianfranco Polizzi

Thesis: Critical digital literacy and civic, political participation: IT/media specialists’ and activists’ utopian/dystopian imaginaries of the Internet (2020)

Dr Miriam Rahali

ThesisOn the genealogy of the American millennial ideal: A celebrity case study of neoliberal feminism in the 21st century (2021)

Dr Ulla Rannikko

Thesis: Going beyond the mainstream? An international study on online citizen journalism (2010)

Dr Cornelia Reyes Acosta

Thesis: The implications of using social network sites (SNS) on the social capital of European youth (2016) 

Dr Philippe Ross

Thesis: Mediation in new media production: Representation and involvement of audiences/users at NESTA Futurelab (2006)

Dr Marco Scalvini

Thesis: Muslims must embrace our values: A critical analysis of the debate on Muslim integration in France, Germany, and the UK (2013)

Dr Rob Sharp

Thesis: Cultural citizenship and participatory creative practice as alternative media (2022)

Dr Michael Skey

Thesis: Flagging nations? Examining discourses of national identity in contemporary England (2008)

Dr Tijana Stolic

Thesis: Media depictions of trafficked women (2020)

Dr Richard Stupart

Thesis: Bearing witness: The practice and discourse of journalist witnessing in South Sudan (2020)

Dr Zoetanya Sujon 

Thesis: Technological citizenship? Questioning new media, cultural politics and emergent citizen territories (2010)

Dr Vivi Theodoropoulou

Thesis: The introduction of digital television in the UK: A study of its early audience (2012) 

Dr Nancy Thumim

Thesis: Mediating self-representations: Tensions surrounding 'ordinary' participation in public sector projects (2007)

Dr Sebastian Ureta Icaza

Thesis: Machines for living in (2006)

Dr Shenja van der Graaf

Thesis: Designing for mod development: User creativity as product development strategy on the firm-hosted 3D software platform (2009)

Dr Yinhan Wang

Thesis: "Photographing myself into being". Structure, agency and identity in Taiwanese adolescent girls' self-representation online (2013)

Dr Hao Wu

Thesis: Mediated structure of feeling: An ethnography on the rural elderly’s emotional world in post-reform China (2022)

Dr Jun Yu

Thesis: Social solidarity in the age of social media and algorithmic communication (2020)

Dr Ssu-Han Yu

Thesis: Mediating democratic politics: Generational understanding of democracy and identification with Taiwan (2022)

Dr Rafal Zaborowski

Thesis: Audible audiences: Engaging with music in Japan (2015)

Dr Hong Zhang

Thesis: The globalisation of Chinese television: Internationalisation, transnationalisaton and renationalisation (2009)

Dr Floyd Zhou

Thesis: Second-generation factory Nongmingong’s use of ICTs in Post-Mao China (2020)

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