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PhD Researchers

Current PhD Researchers in the Department of Media and Communications

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Husseina Ummayma Ahmed-2018

Husseina Ummayma Ahmed

Project: Gendered Agency in Northern Nigeria

Ville Aula-2018

Ville Aula

Project: Hacking big data into knowledge: experts, data, and material practices in civic hacking

vashan brown

Vashan Brown

Project: Investigating the Changes: A Look at the Intersection of Profit-making, Race and Identity in News Production

lewis bush2

Lewis Bush

Project: The implications of automation and artificial intelligence for visual journalism

Joe Ann Chavry

Joe-Ann Chavry

Project: (Re)constructing a black creole female subjectivity through online self-representation in Mauritius. 


Ronggan Chen

Project: Networked Young Chinese: a discourse analysis of nationalism in contemporary China

hossein derakhshan

Hossein Derakhshan

Project: Everyday experience of mass personalisation on digital platforms


Lisa Derand

ProjectThe self-mediation of indigenous grassroots activists

Louise Marie Hurel

Louise Marie Hurel Silva Dias

Project: Shifting Infrastructures of Power: repurposing knowledge and configuring maintenance in cybersecurity governance

Profile Photo_Nan DIng

Nan Ding

Project: An inquiry into the entanglement between algorithms and urban society: The case of local life information platforms in China

Ana Guerra

Abel Guerra

Project: Platformisation from the South:  mapping the infrastructures, epistemologies and imaginations of Uber’s infiltration in Brazil

Stephanie Guo

Stephanie Guo

Project: Chinatown as Third Space: Journeys to Gerrard Street and Other Real-and-Imagined Places

Mengyun He

Mengyun He

Project: Digital Body Production of Underprivileged Women in Contemporary China


Runze Hu

ProjectThe Cultural Dynamics and Use of Immersive Virtual Environment Technologies in Users' Everyday Life

Zichen (Jess) Hu

Zichen (Jess) Hu

ProjectNetworked distrust and hate: Anti-vaccine conspiracy communities on Reddit 


Solomon Katachie

Project: Social-Mediated Afrobeats Culture and Identity Construction/Expression among Diasporan and Homeland West African Youth

Asher Kessler

Asher Kessler

ProjectAn Intellectual History of Facebook


Ruhi Khan

Project: Feminism 3.0 and the Black Box Society: Encountering gendered violence in the age of artificial intelligence  


Paula Kiel

Project: Digital afterlives and the transcendence industry: contemporary social constructions of death in Western societies

Winnie-M-Li (2)

Winnie (Winifred) Li

Project: Silences, identity, and a 'remaking of the self': Exploring social media narratives by rape survivors

Songyin Liu

Songyin Liu

Project: Becoming Authentic: Discourse, Negotiation and Performativity of transgender identity in digital China

Henry Lyons

Henry Lyons

ProjectLessons for democracy from the ‘ground up’: An ethnography of how ‘third spaces’ contribute to political participation and wider political life


Saumyadeep Mandal

ProjectScreens of Othering: Caste, Indian Cinema, Audiences, and Affect



Eleonora Maria Mazzoli

Project: Governing digital societies: powers and counter-powers of the European audiovisual media industry in a datafied-networked society


Limichi Okamoto

Project: To “Go Up and Down Together”: Participants and Non-Participants’ Legitimisation of Violence as Active Citizenship


Gal Ravia

Project: Live memory: Holocaust memory and the holographic encounter

stephanie rodriguez

Stephanie Rodriguez

Project: Instagram Stories and civic engagement during the 2024 U.S. presidential campaign


Paul Rohde

Project: Closing the intention-behaviour gap: validating and testing the promise of behaviour change literacy for parental mediation 


Subhajit Sikder

Project: The shaping of hegemonic masculine culture on the Indian public sphere through the triadic relationship between visual ephemeras, content creators and ordinary user-consumer-audiences.


Ziwei Tang

Project: Imagined Intimacy in Chinese celebrity fandoms



David Threlfall

ProjectBritish campaign rhetoric and its relation to the evolution of the communications environment and the public sphere, 1945-2019


Asha Titus

Project: Datafication of Government: Mapping Data-driven practices in Public Sector Service Delivery


Anri Van Der Spuy

Anri Van Der Spuy

ProjectDigital inequality in the global South: from an Internet of Opportunity to an Internet of Risk?

Anran Wang

Anran Wang

ProjectWhat to expect from a digitalized remote village: the impacts of social networks on people’s digital engagement and social inequalities in a rainforest Yao community


hao wang2

Hao Wang

ProjectTime starts: the politics of China speed and the embodied experience of working temporalities


lili wang

Lili Wang

ProjectThe Floating Diaspora: Transnational Habitus of the Chinese Migrants 

Chenhao Ye

Chenhao Ye

Project: The transformation of the Party-state’s policy on digital news media in China: Political Economy, Hegemony and Stratification