Stay at your hall during Winter and Spring breaks

Book extra accommodation for the holidays

If you accommodation contract is for 31 weeks, you may be able to book extra accommodation for Winter or Spring breaks. This page explains how. 

Accommodation during the vacations periods isn't included if you're staying on a 31-week contract in Carr-Saunders Hall or Passfield Hall. But if you want to stay in London,  you may be able to book additional nights in your hall.

Vacation rooms are subject to availability, because outside of term-time, Carr-Saunders and Passfield Halls offer bed and breakfast accommodation to London visitors (the revenue we receive from this helps us to keep your term time rent low).

Where is Winter and Spring break accommodation available and how do I book?

Vacation accommodation is offered at Carr-Saunders Hall and Passfield Hall, subject to availability. You can check availability and make a booking via our booking engine. You will need to enter the promo code provided by your hall reception team.

If you have difficulty making your booking, please speak to your hall reception team for assistance. There may be availability for different dates or room types. 

How much does it cost?

The price will be confirmed when you book. You're offered a lower rate for staying in halls than standard commercial guests. Rates will be higher than during term-time. Breakfast is included during the vacation unless otherwise stated.

Winter Break Fees 2023

Student vacation prices
 Hall Single room  Single room with queen bed  Twin room  Twin room with ensuite bathroom  Triple room
Carr-Saunders Hall  £48  £48  £86.40  £92.80 n/a
Passfield Hall  £44  n/a  £78.40  £90.40 £91.20

All fees listed are per room per night.  These rates are available for current registered LSE students only.

When do I need to pay?

You must pay straight away when you make the booking. Bookings will not be made unless the payment is successful.

Can I stay in my term-time room?

We can't guarantee that you will be able to remain in your term-time room. If you can book the same room type as your term time room, we will try to allocate you to the same room, however, this may not always be possible. 

Please note that you are unable to reserve a single space in a twin or triple room during the vacation periods. You are only able to book an entire twin/triple room or a single room. If you book a shared room please enter the name(s) of the other sharers in the Special Request box when you book, so that we can make sure we allocate you to the same room. 

What if I need to cancel?

You may cancel a booking by sending an email to accommodation@lse.ac.uk at least 28 days prior to the start of your booking. If you do this we will refund you any money paid less a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee shall equal 2 nights stay, or if your stay is less than this, it will equal the total duration of your stay. For full T&C's see here: Student Vacation terms and conditions for residence [PDF].

Can I also stay during the summer vacation?

Dependent on room availability, yes. There are two options: 

1) You may be able to stay for a few days (but no longer than a week) after the end of your contract. Check with your hall's reception team for details.

2) Long-term accommodation during the summer is available by application in certain halls, see Summer vacation accommodation.