Forced migrants

This information is for forced migrants, including asylum seekers, refugees, people with humanitarian protection status, limited/discretionary leave to remain and stateless persons applying for graduate study at LSE.

The information on this page is not intended to be exhaustive and is still under development as we improve our policies. Please contact us if you have additional questions not answered on this page.

We recognise that forced migrants, whether or not they fit into the formal categories above, may face particular challenges when it comes to paying the administration fee and supplying the required supporting documents.

To request a waiver of the administration fee, please complete the online form, including uploading a scanned copy of any official document relating to your status (eg your letter confirming you have leave to remain in the UK). If you do not have an official document, please explain the circumstances related to your status briefly on the form.

We treat academic waiver requests on a case by case basis. Our general advice is to provide whatever you can that comes closest to matching our requirements, and we will do our best to make a decision on that basis. It may be that the selectors request additional information, such as a written sample of your work or an interview (via telephone or Skype or similar). If you are made an offer, you may be asked to take and pass an additional short course in lieu of previous qualifications.

If you are unable to provide transcripts or proof of previous study, you may upload placeholder documents instead, confirming that the information is unavailable. We will also consider the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees in the absence of other documentation.

We ask you to indicate on the application form if you are a forced migrant partly for monitoring purposes and partly so that we are aware that you may have particular needs. It helps us to help you if we are aware of your circumstances. You may also, if you wish, mention your forced migrant status in your statement of academic purpose. This is the best way of informing the academic selector for your programme.