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Day trips

We offer our students a range of opportunities to explore historic sites in the UK


We organise day trips to places with rich histories and a variety of sights. This includes trips to Oxford and Cambridge as major sites of academic and cultural significance, as well as weekend trips to Windsor, home of the famous Windsor Castle.

These are paid, ticketed trips with limited capacity. 



Students will go on a walking tour of all of the best sights in the picturesque city and learn about the prestigious Cambridge University, the fourth-oldest university in the world, founded in 1209. Find out more about Cambridge.


Students will embark on a walking tour of Oxford, famed for its rich historical sights and architecture associated with the University. Find out more about Oxford.

I went to Oxford with the social programme. It was really cool getting to kayak along the river and visiting the pub where CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien got together. Oxford has such an interesting history and the trip was very fun!


We will be visiting Windsor, the official residence of His Majesty The King. Students have the opportunity to go on a walking tour of Windsor, a beautiful, unique, and historic destination. Find out more about Windsor.