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30-31 October, Vera Anstey Room

CARR Future of Valuation Studies Workshop

30 October 12:00-18:00

31 October 09:00-16:00

Crisis Management from a Relational Perspective: an Analysis of Interorganizational Transboundary Crisis Networks.

7th December 2023, 12-2pm, MAR 3.20

Abstract: Although transboundary crises are becoming more frequent in an increasingly interdependent world, our understanding of the relational dynamics governing these under-researched phenomena remains limited. This paper addresses this knowledge gap by exploring whether interorganizational transboundary crisis networks have common characteristics and identifying drivers of tie formation in successful structures of this kind. For this purpose, it applies descriptive Social Network Analysis and Exponential Random Graph Models to an original dataset of three interorganizational transboundary crisis networks. Results show that these structures combine elements of issue networks and policy communities. Common features include moderate centralization, a core-periphery structure, and the popularity of international organizations. Additionally, successful networks display smooth communication between NGOs and international organizations, whereas unsuccessful networks have fewer heterophilous interactions. In contrast, preferential attachment could not be linked with successful crisis networks. These findings show how evidence from relational studies could guide future research on transboundary crises.