Who to contact

Information for current Language Centre BSc students about who to contact...

Please remember, if you are a current LSE Language Centre BSc student and you are unsure about who to contact please contact our Reception to ask for advice.

Language Centre staff

Contact details for everyone in the Language Centre can be found on our People page. Please note for office hours and group tutorials you should use the Student Hub to book.

The Huddle and The Virtual Huddle

With social distancing measures in place, space will be at a premium on campus. So, we have decided to close our Reception in 20KSW and make, The Huddle an exclusive study area for Language Centre BSc students.

Further to this we thought it would be useful to set up a Virtual Huddle using Microsoft Teams. You will be able to share files, have conversations with fellow students (individually or in groups) using either the Chat, Audio or Video call features. The reason we have chosen Teams is that it is linked to your LSE Office 365 account.

Academic mentors

On arrival you will be allocated an Academic mentor. In the Language Centre we have two, one for each programme.

Dr Neil Mclean BSc International Relations and Chinese
Dr Alison Standring BSc Language, Culture and Society

LSE Student Services Centre (SSC)

For the Students Services Centre current LSE students should use this enquiry form.

If you are not a current LSE student you can any questions you might have using the 'external' enquiry form