German academic exchange service (DAAD) scholarships

This programme aims to help students and graduates improve their knowledge of German

General language, special language and their cultural knowledge of the country.


  • applications are open to students in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in any subject area                          
  • neither graduates holding a Master's degree nor PhD students are eligible for this programme              

Language Skills            

  • proof of German language skills must be provided with the application         
  • applicants must provide proof of a minimum language level of A2
  • the language certificate for the required minimum language should be no more than one year old. Language certificates from B2 or TDN4 in all examined sections may be older than one year
  • the following language certificates can be accepted: onDaF, TestDaF, GI-Nachweis, DSD, DSH, telc Deutsch, ÖSD

Funding Details

  • the courses run for at least 18 teaching days (max. 5 days/week, excluding days of arrival and departure) with a minimum of 25 hours of teaching a week

  • the grants are non-renewable
  • the courses usually take place in the period from June to December       
  • one-off scholarship payment of 850 euros to meet the costs of the chosen course              
  • please note: Course fees and accommodation expenses are usually deducted directly from scholarship payments by the language course provider so that the grant holder is possibly paid only the difference to the full amount of the scholarship by the course provider

Application Procedure

Applicants should contact Dr Skrandies well in advance to discuss their application.(

Further information about the application can be found on the DAAD web site and you can also see a course catalogue.

Please note that only courses marked with a blue symbol are fundable. Changes to the selection can only be made before the December deadline.            

The following documents are required:            

1. Documents to be uploaded to the DAAD Portal (as electronic PDF copies):

a) Online application form b) Full curriculum vitae in tabular form (in German) c) Letter of motivation (in German) d) Copy of university degree certificate with final grade(s), if available (with German or English translation) e) Copies of 'A'-Level certificates f) Proof of credits of the last two years (in German or in English) g) Language certificates            

2. To be submitted as hardcopies to the German Language Coordinator:              

The "Application summary", which is generated in the portal in PDF format and which can be printed out after the online application procedure is completed; please send 1 copy/copies to the application address            

A recent reference from a university teacher which provides information about your qualifications; please enclose one copy of the reference in a sealed envelope with each copy of your application.