Shaghai Skyline

Summer language programme Fudan University

This is a unique opportunity to study Mandarin intensively in a native environment in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in China 

You will not only be able to significantly improve your linguistic skills but also acquire a real taste of Chinese culture and society.

Having learnt French and German, I know that doing exchanges was the only thing that really allowed me to get a 'feel' for the language.

Alice Bexson, BSc International Relations

LSE has an established academic partnership with Fudan University, Shanghai offering a double degree in MSc in Global Media and Communication.

This Summer opportunity is available to students on Language Centre BSc programmes.

  • Our link is with the Language Training Centre, International Cultural Exchange School, Fudan University who provide Mandarin and English language programmes for students

Fred Halliday language award            

Students on our BSc programmes will also benefit from The Fred Halliday language award with a contribution towards their costs.


The programme involves 25 contact hours per week and additional social activities. 

Full details on the programme and processes will be communicated to our BSc programmes each Spring Term.

Current and prospective Language Centre students can contact Fang Pan with any questions.