Careers using languages

There has always been a wide choice of jobs for graduates with languages skills.

This is increasingly true in today's globalised workplace. 

By choosing languages, you are expanding your career options. Graduates with language skills have a whole range of career opportunities open to them.

From teaching and academia through to government, business and the media, it is very difficult to find a career path where language skills do not enhance your profile and put you ahead of the crowd.

We want to make your language study as useful for your future as possible, and so you will find our programmes and courses are geared to help you develop key skills that are sought after by graduate employers, as well as giving you broad opportunities to follow and further develop your interests.   

You exit profile will be enhanced by the addition of a fully accredited language option as many international companies reward recognised language skills.

Our BSc programmes

Most graduate employers are open minded about what degree subject you have studied. If they are confident you have the skills they need for their organisation, they will train and help you develop any specialist knowledge. For this reason, some graduates from your programme will develop careers where their language skills are central to their role, and others focus on other skills and use their languages more peripherally.

If you are interested in careers that are more closely related to your programme you might find the following useful ideas to begin with:

Our BSc International Relations with Chinese will prepare you for a career in politics and government, diplomacy of international organisations, NGO charities and international development (including multi-national corporations).

Our BSc Language Culture and Society will prepare you for a career in government, corporate organisations, research and advisory organisations and social care, as well as further study.

For further information about Careers related to the study of languages, please visit Prospects resources for Modern Language students

For more information about broader career options, please visit LSE Careers (Resources and Information). See further information on graduate destinations.

Teaching languages

If you are interested in a career in teaching languages the Department for Education has some useful guidance on training to teach languages.

Support for your career

LSE Careers has a wide range of resources available to assist students in their job search, including careers skills workshops, opportunities to meet employers and alumni, internships and graduate job opportunities. One to one appointments to discuss your career ideas, practise for interviews or review your CV are available throughout the year, including during the holidays.

It is very difficult to find a career path where language skills do not enhance your profile