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Executive MSc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship Course Video (2022) 

The Executive MSc Social Business and Entrepreneurship is a ground-breaking programme for business leaders and entrepreneurs across the private, public and non-profit sectors. 

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Professor Nava Ashraf on Altrusitic Capital

Professor Nava Ashraf looks at how organisations and employees can make work more satisfying through the development of altruisitc behaviour.

 Student Stories 

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Being a student in the MSc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship 

Some of our current cohort talk about their motivations for joining the course and their experiences of the EMSBE.

EMSBE 2022/3 Students Sum Up Their Course Experience

Some of our 2022/3 cohort discuss their experiences on the course. 

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EMSBE 2021/22 Students Sum Up Their Course Experience 

We challenged some of our 2021/22 cohort to sum up their experience of the course in three words.

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EMSBE 2021/22 Students On Problems They Hope to Address Through Their Studies 

We asked some of our 2021/22 cohort to share the biggest problem they hope to solve through their studies.


Amma, UK 

Amma (2019), who founded the charity Beyond the Classroom, discusses her experience of the course.


Hector, Mexico

Hector (2019), who has a background in finance, discusses his motivations for pursuing social business.



Ieva, Lithuania 

Ieva (2019), who was part of the founding team at Founders Pledge, discusses how the course has changed her perceptions of the impact world.


Thomas, USA 

Thomas (2019), who has a background in sustainability consulting, discusses his motivations for studying the Executive MSc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship in place of a traditional MBA. 

Conversations with Leading Researchers in the Field of Private Action for Public Benefit


Al Roth on how markets can be used to benefit society 

Using the example of kidney exchange, Professor Roth explains how his colleagues redesigned the market for kidney transplants to maximise public benefit. 


Jean Tirole on what motivates people to engage in altruistic behaviour 

Professor Tirole explains the three drivers of altruism and what role image concerns and gender play in our drive to do good. 


Luigi Zingales on the role of capitalism in private action for public benefit

Professor Zingales discusses how to create efficient ways to allocate buying power to the final user or beneficiary to bring in the element of competition to the third sector. 

 The 100x Impact Accelerator 

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Sir Paul Marshall and Stephan Chambers disucss the 100x Impact Accelerator

Sir Paul Marshall talks about his aspirations for the 100x Impact Accelerator.