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Our goal is to support the leaders and future leaders of private action for public benefit in all its forms.

Teaching lies at the heart of the Marshall Institute. Our goal is to support the leaders and future leaders of private action for public benefit in all its forms. Whether by introducing cutting-edge thinking in impact evaluation or intervention design, or by facilitating critical reflection upon the role, place and ethics of private action in catalysing social change, we seek to develop the capacity of social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, corporate and nonprofit leaders and policymakers in resolving the toughest social problems.

All our teaching is infused by core Marshall Institute principles: an interdisciplinary approach; a commitment to pioneering and innovative teaching and learning; teaching by both academic experts and expert practitioners; exposure to the latest and most rigorous research, including that of the Marshall Institute’s research team; and the nurturing of a learning community within which all the Institute’s stakeholders – academics, students, practitioners and alumni – engage together in the coproduction of knowledge and expertise.

The Marshall Institute is developing a diverse range of courses and programmes, from a ground-breaking Executive MSc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship to non-degree short courses. Our programmes and courses will be valuable to philanthropists and social entrepreneurs, to those working in foundations and nonprofit organisations, to corporate leaders seeking to develop social purpose within their firms, to leaders of nonprofit or mutual organisations that have emerged from the state sector, and to policy-makers working in collaborations and partnerships with private actors. 


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Executive MSc Social Business and Entrepreneurship

This programme integrates social purpose and social impact with the highest level of business and management training. The programme is delivered in a flexible modular format enabling you to continue working full-time whilst studying.

This ground-breaking new programme at the LSE puts social purpose at the heart of executive business education, making it an excellent alternative to the MBA. The Executive MSc Social Business and Entrepreneurship provides students with analytical and practical skills to create and lead organisations that have a double or triple bottom line: profit, social impact and environmental sustainability. 

Guided by expert LSE faculty and leading practitioners from the field of private action for public benefit, you will get the knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial mindset to pursue a career in social business. 

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Online Programme

Social Entrepreneurship Online Certificate Course

This 8 week online course will enable you to learn about the context, and understand the processes, tools, and skills required to launch and scale a social enterprise. You'll gain a firm understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in developing an ethical organisation and learn how to measure the social impact and value created by your organisation. Drawing on insights from leading faculty and experts, you’ll learn how to articulate a social issue and gain the skills and confidence to drive positive change in your entrepreneurial context.

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Purpose & Profit: The Essentials of Social Business

This 5-day intensive course gives you the expert understanding, insights and practical toolkit to steer your company towards a more pro-social orientation, to launch your own socially-focused entrepreneurial venture, or to invest for impact and social change. Intensely practical yet simultaneously enriched by the very latest theory on management and social purpose, this course is led by some of the world’s foremost authorities in economics, finance and impact investing, social entrepreneurship and public policy.

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Master of Public Administration in Social Impact (Marshall Institute Stream)

This programme teaches students to create social impact and maximise the effectiveness of private action for public benefit.

The MPA curriculum includes rigorous empirical training in economics, econometrics and political science. The aim of the Social Impact stream is to give students a critical understanding of both intervention design and the emerging institutions, organisations and collaborations within the field of social impact.

The Social Impact (Marshall Institute Stream) specialisation makes use of the theoretical knowledge and core skills students have built in the first year of their studies and uses them as a springboard for understanding behavioural economics, social enterprise and social finance with an aim to equip them to resolve major social issues.

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