Alumni Stories

Discover how our programmes have impacted the lives of our alumni ambassadors.


I got the foundation I needed to understand the complex social issues the world is grappling with and how business can be realigned to be purpose-driven whilst making profit

Caitlin Semo, Executive MSc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship 2020

Location: New York City, NY, USA 

Current role: Head of Partnerships at Edelman Trust Institute

"While this program explicitly mentions 'entrepreneurship' the EMBSE's implicit focus on intrapreneurship has been instrumental to my career growth. As a result of this experience, I pivoted to joining a start-up within a larger, established firm and have already applied so much I've learned during my time at the Marshall Institute to my role-- and will continue to do so throughout the duration of my career."


Ogheneovo Ugbebor, Executive MSc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship 2020

Location: Nigeria

Current role: Managing Partner, Ikore 

"The EMSBE has impacted my career in many ways –  I got the foundation I needed to understand the complex social issues the world is grappling with more deeply and how business can be realigned to be purpose-driven whilst making profit. The curriculum and delvery and interactions with industry experts and colleagues were deeply enriching, providing clarity on what I needed to do to make a difference within the economic growth space in Nigeria. Since my education at LSE, I set up a social enterprise, ChananHill Enterprise (, aimed at addressing everyday challenges of the base of the pyramid through market-based solutions, and have been able to help over a thousand families set up livestock enterprise that have transformed their incomes and livelihoods. I also co-founded Ikore International Development (, a development consulting firm in Nigeria, supporting international organizations and donors (EU, USAID/MercyCorp, GAIN, Chevron/PIND, Mastercard Foundation) to research, design and execute evidence-based interventions in the agricultural and entrepreneurial space. Since 2020, I have contributed to the design of a few global strategies aimed at reducing poverty in the sub-Saharan region, and currently, I’m supporting the Palladium Group to start up a GBP 95Million agricultural Programme in Nigeria, Propcom+, aimed at building the resilience of 3.9 million smallholder farmers and SMEs against climate change through scaling up inclusive business models and piloting innovations."

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Steven Crimaldi, Executive MSc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship 2021

Location: New Orleans, LA, USA

Current role: Strategic Program Manager, Ochsner Health

"Engaging with the leading social scientists at LSE allowed me to understand the challenges and opportunities in creating social impact and the theoretical and practical skills required to be part of a movement dedicated to creating change that can be measured and scaled when appropriate.  Engaging with my peers in the program reaffirmed what I already knew, but needed a reminder of – there are absolutely amazing people in this world with a deep desire to ask questions, challenge what is, and create something new." 

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Johannes Hobohm, Executive MSc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship 2021

Location: Stockholm, Sweden 

Current role: Chief Commercial Officer & Executive Producer, Breakable Films

 "As an investor in early stage companies the EMSBE made me understand the hybrid economy and the intersection between profit and making a positive impact. The EMSBE gave me insight into how to measure and define desirable impact and the EMSBE has helped me to cut out all the ”buzzwords” surrounding entrepreneurship and get to the core of the challenges and possibilities of ventures. As a business person I feel strengthened and secure in how to navigate a changing economy"

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Laurie Felker Jones, Executive MSc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship 2021

Location: London, UK 

Current role: Senior Advisor at Village Capital and Conscious Venture Lab, Entrepreneur in Residence at Techstars 

"I was searching for a pathway to the next stage of my career in building mission-driven businesses. The Marshall Institute's EMSBE program gave me that and more! The program helped me shore up the foundations of my work, expand and deepen into new areas, and build authentic and fruitful relationships with peers and leading innovators across the world. Notably, my concentration in innovative finance has led to tangible new opportunities with leading global partners in entrepreneurship and impact finance, including Village Capital and others. If you're curious about whether this program is right for you, feel free to reach out!"

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Robert E. Jones, Executive MSc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship 2022

Location: The Netherlands

Current role: VP, Global Public Affairs at Mosa Meat

Robert's passion lies at the nexus of global food systems and the climate crisis.

“After two decades in government and nonprofit organizations, I landed a dream job at a social impact venture in Europe. While I was more than qualified to manage public affairs, I felt like a fish out of water when it came to other parts of our fast-growth startup. I needed to level up my business skills but in an environment that fit my values. The EMSBE program checked those boxes and much more. The top-notch faculty, the rich diversity of our cohort, and the mission-driven ethos of the Marshall Institute combined for a life-changing experience. When the time comes, I now feel prepared to launch my own entrepreneurial venture and beat the start-up odds."

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Anna Konate, Executive MSc in Social Business and Entrepreneurship 2021

Location: Geneva, Switzerland 

Current role: Head of Operations and Finances, The Sanitation and Hygiene Fund

"After several years in the development sector, I was looking ahead to the next step, preferably in an intersection of the public and private where innovative funds and financing could help address social issues and create tangible impact on peoples’ lives. As a  passionate women’s empowerment advocate, this was an absolute must for me. 

I was looking for a programme which would provide me with a better understanding of impact financing and measurement and how private capital can change the narrative for our world, and this is exactly what the EMSBE did. It offers students high quality classes with extraordinary professors, and being with such amazing classmates from different countries, backgrounds and mindsets also made this experience priceless. So if you want to be part of the new generation of leaders, managers, social entrepreneurs who want to change the world, this programme is for you."