Student Competition

Supporting LSE students competing in MIINT.

The most important highlight about MIINT was working with a group of people who were so diverse, open to new ideas and generous with their time.

The Marshall Institute supports LSE students participating in the MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT) competition, which is designed to give students at graduate schools a hands-on education in impact investing. The winning team is rewarded with a potential investment of up to $50,000.

2021 MIINT Team

Ana Abad 


Gabrielle de Haan Montes 


Emilie Drop


Prebhjot Kaur


Alvira Rao


Julie Rubenstein



2020 MIINT Team

Tatiana Bahous

Past experience: Impact evaluation, Intergovernmental Organization

Post MPA Career Goals: My ambition is to participate into fostering cooperation between the privateand the public sectors for impactful projects. Creating financing opportunities in the policy agenda and linking them to meaningful projects is what drives my professional ambitions ! 

Henry Dehé

Past Experience: Data Analyst, Intergovernmental Organisation

Post MPA Career Goals: Impact Investing, Social Sector Consulting

“MIINT is an invaluable insight into how impact venture capital functions. You get to actually work with the investors and entrepreneurs throughout the competition. Definitely among the most rewarding things I took part in at the LSE this year.”

Yomna Gaafar

Past Experience: Sustainable Development, Social Entrepreneurship and Media for Social Impact.

Post MPA goals: My ambition is to serve my country, and play a significant role in its public sector to transform its socioeconomic landscape through shaping the agenda, designing policies, implementing sustainable systems, and empowering youth.

Paulo Barbieri Kennedy

Past Experience: International development, multilateral development banks, UN agencies, humanitarian aid

Post MPP Career Goals: Development finance, International financial institutions, international development field operations, public policy consulting

Yohann Sequeira

Past experience: Strategy consulting focused on international development 

Post MPP career goals: Working to bridge the development and humanitarian financing gap, especially through innovative financing mechanisms

Tomás Sánchez Valenzuela

Past Experience: Entrepreneurship, sonsulting and innovation, author of the book Public Inc. 

Post MPP Career Goals: Interested in studying intersection of public and private sectors, the public role of companies and future of governmnet. 


2019 MIINT Team

Anya Nelson

Past experience: Investment Banking, Equity Capital Markets

Post MPA Career Goals: Still deciding! However, I am interested in impact investing and other ways in which the private sector can sustainably support society

Corinna Rafferty

Past Experience: Corporate and financial communications, public affairs, editorial, marketing and business management 

Post MPA Career Goals: Public policy advisory, civil service management, impact investing

Santiago Salazar

Past experience: Sales and strategy for a financial technology company

Post MPA Career goals: Impact Investing, Economic Policy, Consulting, Venture Capital

Konstantin Sietzy

Past Experience: Management consulting; social sector consulting; prioritisation research

Post MPA Career Goals: Social sector consulting

Marian Woodward

Past Experience: 

Sustainability and strategy consulting, sustainable investment, asset management

Post MPA Career Goals: Impact investing, social venture capital 

2018 MIINT Team

Ghalia Al-Bajali

Past experience: Fin-tech & IT Innovation Consultant, Philanthropic Project Coordinator 

Post MPA Career Goals: Economic and Development Policy, International Development, Public Sector Management, Impact Investing  

"Starting my first year of the MPA as part of the MIINT team is the best decision I have taken so far. Working on the preliminary stages of the competition has been very exciting. Exposed to the growing ecosystem of impact investing, learning about its dynamics, sourcing for start-ups, and networking with social entrepreneurs only adds to the excitement of what is yet to come. I look forward to contributing the skills I have gained throughout my experience working with start-ups in the Middle East whilst grasping the fundamentals of measuring impact from a global investors' perspective."

Dania Alvarez

Past Experience: Impact Evaluation and Coffee Industry

Post MPA Career Goals: Impact Investing, Sustainable Development Consulting, Social Entrepreneurship

“MIINT has been the highlight of my experience at the LSE so far. The competition has taught me to think like an investor and understand the challenges that many entrepreneurs face in the path towards building a profitable company with a social mission. More importantly, I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse team of passionate classmates and expand my network in this space. I would highly recommend MIINT to anyone seeking to learn about innovative, sustainable solutions to big problems of poverty.”

Louisa Elena Boltz

Past experience: Restructuring and Marketing Consultancy

Post MPA Career goals: International Development Consultancy, Social Impact Investing

“MIINT is so far the best experience of my first year MPA. It offers me the opportunity to develop my skills in sourcing as well as financial and impact evaluations. I am working together with an ambitious and diverse group of people, with whom I share the passion for social impact. MIINT has strengthened my interest in impact investing and has raised my awareness for its potential to help solve crucial social issues.”

Kavita Seshan

Past Experience: Management Consultancy, Wealth Management / Private Banking

Post MPA Career Goals: Impact Investing, Venture Capital, Social Impact Consulting

“MIINT is an excellent opportunity to learn how to source, conduct due diligence, structure and fundraise for a commercial investment opportunity that will make a positive social impact. As participants, we not only get to work with early-stage entrepreneurs who are looking to address some of the most challenging social problems of our time but also get to work with a diverse team of like-minded LSE classmates. We also get a ring-side view to observe students from other great educational institutions. It is no doubt the most exciting assignment of my first-year at LSE MPA.” 

Joe Wheeler

Past Experience: Dropbox charitable foundation 

Post MPA Career Goals: Humanitarian aid 

“I wanted to join MIINT to learn more about impact investing. I think it's an important sector. The world is full of inequality, and investing in companies that promote social equity is more important than ever. Getting a chance to learn from the Marshall Institute and work with entrepreneurs directly is an amazing opportunity. I hope the experience will inform what I want to do with my life after the MPA.”

2017 MIINT Team 

Ryan Dillon

Past Experience: Management consultancy

Post MPA Career Goals: Venture Capital, Impact Investing

"MIINT was the best experience of my first year in the MPA – hands down. The competition offered me a real-world scenario of what it is like to be an early stage investor in the impact investing space. Most importantly, I had the chance to work with an incredible team of classmates and an entrepreneur poised to change maternal healthcare in India. The whole experience, without a doubt, helped me secure a summer internship in venture capital."

Rebecca Castaldo

Past experience: The New Yorker, research and marketing division  

Post MPA career goals: International Development Consulting or Development Finance  

"The MIINT competition offers students the ability to learn about impact investing in a way that is hands-on and proactive. As someone who had no background in finance, I found the structure of the program very useful. MIINT not only offers students first-hand experience in deal sourcing, marketplace research, and investment structuring but also supplements this with online training modules on conducting proper due diligence." 

Elena Iannaccone

Past experience: Commercial private equity 

Post MPA career goals: Emerging market private equity and Investment promotion. 

"The MIINT competition offers a fun and informative introduction to venture capital funding and social impact measurements. It’s a practical opportunity to source, diligence, structure and fundraise for a commercial investment opportunity  worthy of socially oriented capital. Moreover, MIINT is a opportunity to bond with likeminded MBA/MPA students across the globe and to expand ones network in the space."

Kelsey Jarrett

Past experience: Tech and political strategy 

Post MPA career goals: Social innovation and technology 

"The MIINT competition offers students a chance to experience what it takes to found and run a start-up, raise money, and measure meaningful impact. The real-life stakes of pitching to investors on behalf of a company you are passionate about is invaluable experience."

Gayatri Mehta

Past experience: International development, financial technology, startups   

Post MPA career goals: Social impact consulting, Impact investing  

“The MIINT competition offers participants a great opportunity to interact closely with social entrepreneurs from around the world, network with like-minded students from other universities and apply both quantitative and qualitative skills in a practical capacity. This program was the highlight of my first year at the LSE!" 

2016 MIINT Team 

Lauren Cuscuna

Past experience: Social enterprise in Uganda

Post MPA career goals: Innovative finance to align profit with social impact

"MIINT was one of my best experiences as a first year MPA. It was a real-life learning experience with an incredible team and it allowed me to develop my skills in deal sourcing, impact investment, and investment structuring. I believe it also helped me to secure my summer internship with Acumen Fund. MIINT helped solidify my interest in this field and grow my network in the industry."

Claire Eagle

Past experience: Management consulting

Post MPA career goals: TBD

"The program offered a unique perspective on the growing and dynamic industry of impact investing. The support provided by the MPA program and the Marshall Institute was exceptional: we were introduced to mentors and industry leaders across the UK. Throughout the process of sourcing, performing due diligence, and pitching, our team flexed skills from previous roles while also adding new competencies."

Virginia Garcia Martin

Past experience: Debt and investment strategy

Post MPA career goals: Impact investing, social impact consulting, development finance

"The MIINT Competition taught me how to think about businesses holistically. It was especially gratifying for me to be involved in the entrepreneur’s decision-making processes – we were not merely business analysts processing information; we were more like advisors trying to contribute to a great idea while simultaneously conducting due diligence.

The most important highlight about MIINT, however, was working with a group of people who were so diverse, open to new ideas and generous with their time, all this while sharing a deep enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship."

Kelly Glaser-Scott

Past experience: Policy, management consultancy

Post MPA career goals: Social innovation, international development

“The MIINT competition offers a fantastic opportunity to work alongside a social entrepreneur as they steward their business through a critical stage of growth.”

Jay Patel

Past experience: Management consulting, private equity, venture capital

Post MPA career goals: Investment research and analysis

“The MIINT competition gave our team hands-on, practical experience as we evaluated the economic and social return prospects for an early stage start-up. I enjoyed expanding my knowledge of the Impact Investing field and connecting with like-minded peers from all around the world.”

Sid Rajgopalan

Past experience: Start-ups, tech

Post MPA career goals: Data science for social impact

“MIINT was a great platform to learn about the emerging area of impact investing. The whole process from sourcing startups, screening them, conducting due diligence and finally preparing an investment memo and pitch, gave a comprehensive view of the life of an impact investor.  I would highly recommend this experiential platform to anyone who is interested in a bold new way of driving finance to social entrepreneurs.”