Who's Who at LSE Sociology

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The Professional Services Team are working remotely and may not have access to their work telephones. Please contact them via email should you have any queries.

Academic staff


Ahmad, Mahvish (Dr)
Assistant Professor of Human Rights and Politics
Room STC S108

Suki Ali

Ali, Suki (Dr)
Deputy Head of Department for Teaching
Associate Professor of Sociology
Room STC S307

Robin Archer new

Archer, Robin (Dr)
Associate Professor (Reader) of Political Sociology
Room STC S114a 

Chetan Bhatt 2018

Bhatt, Chetan (Professor)
Professor of Sociology
Room STC S107

Ayca Cubukcu 2020

Çubukçu, Ayça (Dr)
Associate Professor of Human Rights, Co-Director of LSE Human Rights
Room STC S113

Rebecca Elliot

Elliott, Rebecca (Dr)
Associate Professor of Sociology
Room STC S211

Janet Foster new

Foster, Janet (Dr)
Associate Professor of Sociology


Friedman, Sam (Professor)
Professor of Sociology
Room STC S102

Carrie Friese new

Friese, Carrie (Dr)
Deputy Head of Department for Research
Room STC S213


Hall, Suzanne (Professor)
Head of Department
Professor of Sociology

Room STC S203

Cities Programme

Ursula Henz new

Henz, Ursula (Dr)
Associate Professor of Social Research Methods
Room STC 100B

Monika Krause

Krause, Monika (Professor)
Professor of Sociology
Room STC S207

David Madden (1)

Madden, David (Dr)
Associate Professor of Sociology, Director of the Cities Programme
Room STC S209

Cities Programme

Pat McGovern

McGovern, Patrick (Dr)
Associate Professor (Reader) of Sociology
Room STC S110


Melkumova-Reynolds, Jana (Dr)
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Claire Moon 2023

Moon, Claire (Dr)
Associate Professor of Sociology

David Pinzur

Pinzur, David (Dr)
On Sabbatical leave Winter Term 2024
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Room STC S217A


Rutazibwa, Olivia Umurerwa (Dr)
Assistant Professor in Human Rights and Politics
Room STC S216

Sara Salem_200x200

Salem, Sara (Dr)
Associate Professor of Sociology
Room STC S218

Mike Savage

Savage, Mike (Professor)
Martin White Professor of Sociology
Room STC S210 and CBG.4.03

Don Slater

Slater, Don (Dr)
Associate Professor (Reader) of Sociology
Room STC S310

Kristin Surak new

Surak, Kristin (Dr)
Associate Professor of Sociology
Room STC 105

Fran Tonkiss colour_cropped 200x200

Tonkiss, Fran (Professor)
Professor of Sociology
Room STC S205

Mai Taha

Taha, Mai (Dr)
Assistant Professor in Human Rights
Room STC S206

Research staff

Ioanna Gouseti

Gouseti, Ioanna (Dr)
Levenhulme Fellow / Research Fellow
Room STC S105a

Gender Neutral Silhouette

Kaur, Baljit (Dr)
ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow 2023

Gender Neutral Silhouette

Shaheen, Faiza (Dr)
LSE Sociology Course Tutor

LSE Fellows

Nils Peters

Peters, Nils (Dr)
Fellow in Economic Sociology
Room STC S103

Dena Qaddumi 200x200

Qaddumi, Dena (Dr)
Fellow in City Design and Social Science
Room STC S212

Hakan Sandal Wilson

Sandal-Wilson, Hakan (Dr)
Fellow in Race and Gender
Room STC S217

Gender Neutral Silhouette

Sreberny-Mohammadi, Leili (Dr)
Fellow in Culture and Society
Room STC 313




Calhoun, Craig (Professor) 
Centennial Professor


Professional services staff


Lawrence, Louisa
Department Manager
Room STC S119C
020 7849 4938

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CL new

Lyons, Clara
Deputy Department Manager (Teaching)
Room STC S119D
020 7106 1426

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Tomlinson, Claire
Service Delivery Manager (Taught Programmes)
Room STC S116 
020 7852 3719 

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Gender Neutral Silhouette

Borowska, Emilia
Department Research Manager
Room STC S119D
020 7955 7523

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For research enquires:

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Vivienne Codjoe

Codjoe, Vivienne
MSc Programme Manager: City Design and Social Science; Culture and Society; Sociology; Inequalities and Social Science
Room STC S116 
020 7107 5112

Ask me about: MSc Programme Administration | Postgraduate Admissions | Course Selection | Assessments and Exams | The Department's GSSLC | The Taught Postgraduate Committee | MSc Exam Sub-Boards


Adeel Parvez new

Parvez, Adeel
MSc Programme Manager Economy and Society; Human Rights; Human Rights and Politics; Political Sociology
Room STC S116
020 7955 6076

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Monika Walker new

Walker, Monika
Undergraduate Programme Manager
Room STC S116 
020 7955 6951 

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Andy Christofferson

Christofferson, Andrew
Finance and Operations Officer
Room STC S119B
020 7107 5029

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Laura Wain new

Wain, Laura
Communications and Events Officer
Room STC S116 
020 7955 7309

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Meeta Bhatt

Bhatt, Meeta
Communications Officer (Web and Blog) - part time

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Rahman, Yadna
Department Administrator
0207 955 6793


Research students

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Adereth, Maya
Coalitons for care: Trade Unions, Mutual Aid, and the Struggle for National Healthcare in the UK and US


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Akdag, Muhammed
Social Determinants of International Competitive Advantage: The Case of Turkish Contractors 


Aksakal Ozgün

Aksakal, Özgün
Meanings and Legitimation of Violence in Situations of Political Contestation: The Case of the Turkish-Right


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Al Sudairy, Jawaher
Urban and social regeneration: The case of Makkah’s Redevelopment


Nitzan Amitay

Amitay, Nitzan


Nicolas Arenas BW

Arenas Osorio, Nicolás
Mediating the Non-Rational: Branding Consultants and the Role of Emotions in Marketing


Amani Bhobe

Bhobe, Amani
The Social Value Act: A Sociological Perspective on its Origins, Application, and Effects


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Born, Anthony Miro
Urban Marginality and the Ideal of Social Mobility (tba) 


Dan Brown

Brown, Dan
The Contested Role of Human Rights in Anti-Systemic Resistance: A Case-Study of Human Rights Discourse and Practice in UK Kurdish Solidarity Networks


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Brundu-Gonzalez, Benjamin
Mixing and mingling in French liberal art colleges


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Butt, Asif
Social mobility into elite occupations and micro-class reproduction in Germany


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Carmichael, Donna
Challenges and Opportunities in the British Private Equity Industry




Círigo-Jiminez, Rodrigo
Governing victimhood in contemporary Mexico: the genealogy and the social life of a category of politics


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Cutts, Danielle


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Davids, Sherelle
‘Race’ & Ethnicity in Widening Participation policy and policy enactment in England


Dogukan Dere

Dere, Doğukan
Self-managed recovered factories as grassroots working-class politics: Cases from Turkey, Greece, and Argentina


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Dyer, Shanae
The domestic timescape: a practical approach to making sense of personal space in shared housing


Lucy Garbett

Garbett, Lucy
Palestinian life, land and property in Jerusalem


Jan Gilles

Gilles, Jan
The Social Life of Carbon Dioxide Removal


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Gray, Selena
Understanding girl’s perspectives on child sexual exploitation


Adam Greenfield

Greenfield, Adam
Beyond Hope: Collective Power and Mutual Care in the Long Emergency


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Gronwald, Victoria
Boundary work in international tax governance


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Harris, Gabrielle (Gaby)
Gaby is interested in consumer culture and social class; her thesis focuses on teenage girls’ relationships with fashion


Sacha Hilhorst

Hilhorst, Sacha
The politics of left behind places: A political ethnography of two towns in the East Midlands



Gender Neutral Silhouette

Kampmann, David
Imagined futures of Artificial Intelligence


Will Kendall new

Kendall, Will
Labour and logistics in the Fens: A study of work across the food chain in South Lincolnshire


Yasmine Kherfi

Kherfi, Yasmine


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Lally, Amraj
A study of SA MSM in HIV Prevention



Hobeth Martinez Carrillo

Martinez Carrillo, Hobeth
Landed elites perceptions and representations on land inequalities in Colombia in the midst of redistributive pressures



May, Babette
Living & labouring reproductive (in)justice: lifestories, histories, & fictions of epistemic disobedience


Jack McGinn new

McGinn, Jack
Decentralised anti-hierarchical organising in the Syrian and Palestinian uprisings



Georgia Nichols

Nichols, Georgia



Daniela Perez-Aguilar

Pérez Aguilar, Daniela
Wage inequality in the Chilean labour market: Beyond human capital in a neoliberal economy


Matt Reynolds

Reynolds, Matt
High-end domestic services in 21st century Britain


Gender Neutral Silhouette

Twahirwa, Rémy-Paulin
On Ghostly Lives: Life Inside Immigration Detention Centre in the UK and Canada


Neil Warner new

Warner, Neil
The road to no alternative: the failure of projects for the socialisation of investment in Western Europe, 1970-1991


Gender Neutral Silhouette

White, Tim
Living in the flexible city: understanding the socioeconomic implications of corporate co-living


Hannah Wilson new

Wilson, Hannah
A Bar of all and for all? Examining the financial and professional impacts of upward social mobility at the independent Bar.


Academic visitors

Blatman, Naama (Dr)
Visiting Fellow

Bordonaro, Elettra (Dr)

Visiting Senior Fellow, Configuring Light project
Configuring Light webpage


Duxbury, Catherine (Dr)

Visiting Fellow 

Eidelman, Gabriel (Dr)

Visiting Fellow


Hen-Smith, May (Dr)

Visiting Fellow


Kajta, Justyna (Dr)

Visiting Fellow 

Kramer, Maria (Dr)

Visiting Fellow

Küçük, Bermal (Dr)
Visiting Fellow 

Maier, George (Dr)

Visiting Fellow 

Patel, Ian (Dr)
Visiting Fellow

Rossier, Thierry (Dr)
Visiting Fellow

Ruseishvili, Svetlana (Dr)
Visiting Fellow

Watt, Paul (Prof)

Visiting Professor

Zherebkin, Sergey V. (Prof)
Visiting Senior Fellow

Afilliated Research Fellows

Mallett, Victoria (Dr)
Afilliated Research Fellow

McCurdy, Martha (Dr)
Afilliated Research Fellow

Partyga, Dominika (Dr)
Afilliated Research Fellow