PhD Destinations

MPhil/PhD International History

London provides a number of incredible resources if you are a historian.


If you are active both socially and academically then you can have a very profitable experience as a PhD student at LSE.

This is a list of the positions that some of our recent research students went on to secure after they successfully completed their PhD.



Grant Golub

Thesis: The Warrior-Politicians: Henry L. Stimson, the War Department, and the Politics of American Grand Strategy during World War II.

Supervisor: Professor Matthew Jones

Placement: Assistant Professor of American History, Department of National Security and Strategy, SSL


Alexandra Penler

Thesis: The Quiet Diplomat: Diplomat's Wives and the Origins of Public Diplomacy, 1924-1980

Supervisor: Professor Matthew Jones

Placement: Digital Communications Officer, German Marshall Fund of the United States


Ben Sayle

Thesis: Reconsidering The Edwardian Radical Right 1903-1918    

Supervisor: Professor David Stevenson

Placement: GTA - IH, LSE



Hamish Andrew McDougall

Thesis: Staying Alive: New Zealand, Britain and European Integration, 1960-85

Supervisor: Professor N. Piers Ludlow

Placement: Excecutive Director, Institute of International Affairs, NZ


William Mitchell

Thesis: The Whig Idea of Europe, 1685-1705

Supervisor: Dr Paul Stock

Placement: Guest Teacher, IHD, LSE


Thomas Adam Wilkinson

Thesis: Youth movements and mobilisations in post-colonial India, circa 1930-1970

Supervisor: Dr Taylor Sherman 

Placement: Policy Officer, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office


Rishika Yadav

Thesis: The boys up north': a history of South Africa's cape corps and the Indian and Malay corps in the Second World War 1940-1946

Supervisor: Professor Joanna Lewis

Placement: Fellow in the History of Africa, IHD, LSE


Katherine Arnold

Katherine Arnold

Thesis: German natural history collectors in Southern Africa, 1815-1867

Supervisors: Professor Joanna Lewis & Dr David Motadel

Placement: Lecturer, Department of History, University of Liverpool


Alexandre Dab

Thesis: The origins of the post-Cold War order in the Middle East: France, Britain, the European Community and transatlantic relations, 1978-1982

Supervisor: Professor Piers Ludlow

Placement: Guest Teacher, IHD, LSE


Seung Mo Kang

Thesis: The crafting of the Treaty of Peace with Japan, 1945-1951

Supervisor: Professor Antony Best

Placement: Research Fellow -Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy


Ken Letcher 

Thesis: The revolt of the generals: President Eisenhower and the United States Army, 1953- 1958

Supervisor: Professor Steven Casey

Placement: Excecutive officer to the Deputy Commanding General 


Yorai Linenberg

Thesis: Jewish soldiers, Nazi captors: the experience of American and British Jewish POWs in German captivity in the Second World War

Supervisor: Professor Steven Casey

Placement: Honorary Research Fellow, Birkbeck Institute for the Study of Antisemitism


Gaurav Sud

Thesis: Disinvestment? Out of the question. Managing German business subsidiaries in apartheid South Africa during the tenure of P.W. Botha, 1978-1989

Supervisor: Professor Joanna Lewis

Placement: Freelance Management Consultant, Germany



Molly Avery 

Thesis: The Latin American Anticommunist International: Chile, Argentina and Central America, 1977-1984.

Supervisor: Dr Tanya Harmer

Placement: Lecturer in the History of the Americas, University of Sheffield


Caroline Green

Thesis: The impact of colonialism on human rights diplomacy: Britain’s colonial legacy and the UN agenda for the advancement of women 1950-1975

Supervisor: Professor Joanna Lewis

Placement: ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow, International Relations Department, LSE


Benjamin Heckscher 

Thesis: The socialist movement for the United States of Europe: transnational socialism and the launching of the early European institutions

Supervisor: Professor N. Piers Ludlow

Placement: International School of Estonia

Judith Jacob

Judith Jacob

Thesis: From Kartosuwiryo to Sungkar: the evolution of Indonesia’s Darul Islam movement, 1928-1993

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten E. Schulze

Placement: Head of Global Health analysis - Protection Group International



Daniel Berman 

Thesis: Playing the patron: Croatian-American relations and the development of American policy in Yugoslavia: from the collapse of Yugoslavia to Tudjman’s Storm, 1989-1995

Supervisor: Dr Svetozar Rajak

Placement: Research and teaching - Beihang University, China


Bastiaan Bouwman 

Thesis: Universal rights in a divided world: the human rights engagement of the World Council of Churches from the 1940s to the 1970s

Supervisor: Professor N. Piers Ludlow

Placement: Assistant Professor of Contemporary European History in a Global Context, Utrecht University


Grace Carrington 

Thesis: Non-Sovereign States in the era of Decolonization: Politics, Nationalism, and Assimilation in French and British Caribbean Territories, 1945-80

Supervisor: Professor Joanna Lewis

Placement: Research Fellow at UCL and City University


Anne Irfan

Thesis: Internationalising Palestine: UNRWA and Palestinian Nationalism in the Refugee Camps, 1967-82

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten E. Schulze

Placement: Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Race, Gender and Postcolonial Studies, UCL


William King

Thesis: The British Nerve Agent Debate: Acquisition, Deterrence and Disarmament, 1945-1976

Supervisor: Professor Matthew Jones

Placement: Guest Teacher, LSE; Research Fellow, German Historical Institute London

Pedro Correa Martin-Arroyo

Pedro Correa Martín-Arroyo

Thesis: Europe's Bottleneck: The Iberian Peninsula and the Jewish Refugee Crisis, 1933-1944

Supervisor: Professor Paul Preston

Placement: Early Career Leverhulme Fellow, Dept History, Royal Holloway University of London


Alex Mayhew

Thesis: Making sense of the Western Front: English infantrymen’s morale and perception of crisis during the Great War

Supervisor: Professor David Stevenson and Dr Heather Jones

Placement: Assistant Professor, IHD, LSE


Amal Tarhuni Mezughi

Thesis: The United States, Britain and Qadhafi’s Libya: revisiting the road to confrontation, 1969–1986

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten E. Schulze

Placement: Strathclyde University

van Ommen

Eline van Ommen

Thesis: Sandinistas go global: Nicaragua and Western Europe, 1977-1990

Supervisor: Dr Tanya Harmer and Professor N. Piers Ludlow

Placement: Lecturer in Contemporary History, School of History, University of Leeds


Artemis Photiadou 

Thesis: British interrogation culture from war to peace, 1939-1948

Supervisor: Professor Joanna Lewis and Dr Heather Jones (external)

Placement: Assistant Professor, IHD, LSE



Sarah Ashraf

Thesis: Of Military and Militancy: Praetorianism and Islam in Pakistan

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten E. Schulze

Placement: Policy Advisor, UK Civil Service


David Broder

Thesis: Bandiera Rossa: Communists in German-occupied Rome, 1943-44

Supervisor: Professor Vladislav Zubok

Placement: Jacobin’s Europe editor, New Statesman columnist 


Daniel Hardegger

ThesisPhD candidates at the University of Berlin and at Columbia University, New York, from 1871 to 1913

Supervisor: Professor Antony Best

Placement: Research Associate, ZHAW School of Management and Law, Swizerland


Isaac Scarborough 

Thesis: The extremes it takes to survive: Tajikistan and the collapse of the Soviet Union, 1985-1992

Supervisor: Professor Vladislav Zubok

Placement: Assistant Professor of Russian and Eurasian Studies, Institute for History, Leiden University


Max Skjönsberg 

Thesis: Internecine Discord: Party, Religion and History in Hanoverian Britain, c.1714-1765

Supervisor: Dr Tim Hochstrasser

Placement: Assistant Professor of Humanities, Hamilton Center for Classical and Civic Eudcation, University of Florida



Oliver Elliott

Thesis: The American Press and the Rise of Authoritarianism in South Korea 1945-1954

Supervisor: Professor Steven Casey

Placement: Lecturer, Global Doctoral Program Manager and Head of Research at Geneva Business School


Scott Gilfillan 

Thesis: Enclave Empires: Britain, France and the Treaty-Port System in Japan, 1858-1868

Supervisor: Dr Antony Best

Placement: Writer/Editor TUC


Cornelis Heere

Thesis: Japan and the British world, 1904-14

Supervisor: Dr Antony Best

Placement: Lead researcher on the Dutch diplomatic oral history project, Huygens ING (KNAW); historical advisor at The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Paul Horsler portrait

Paul Horsler 

Thesis: Cometh the Hour, cometh the nation: local-Level opinion and defence preparations prior to the Second World War, November 1937 – September 1939

Supervisor: Professor David Stevenson

Placement: Librarian, LSE Library


Serkan Keçeci 

Thesis: The grand strategy of the Russian Empire in the Caucasus against its southern rivals (1821-1833)

Supervisor: Professor Dominic Lieven and Dr Antony Best

Placement: Research Assistant, Dept History, Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey


Corina Mavrodin 

Thesis: A maverick in the making: Romania’s de-Satellization process and the Global Cold War (1953-1963)

Supervisor: Professor N. Piers Ludlow and Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Assistant Professor in the History of International Relations, Department of History and Art History, Utrecht University


Tommaso Milani

Thesis: Les Belles Années du Plan? Hendrik de Man and the Reinvention of Western European Socialism, 1914-36 ca.

Supervisor: Professor N. Piers Ludlow and Professor Heather Jones

Placement: Postdoctoral researcher (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter), the Institut für soziale Bewegungen, Ruhr-Universität Bochum


Pete Millwood

Thesis: The Sino-American Bilateral Exchange Program and US Support for China’s Reform and Opening, 1969-1989

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Lecturer in East Asian History, Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne


Ian Stewart

Thesis: Titans of the early world: celtic ideas and national thought in Britain, Ireland, and France, 1700-1900

Supervisor: Dr Heather Jones and 
Dr John Hutchinson

Placement: Early Career Leverhulme Fellow, Dept History, Queen Mary University of London



Vladimir Dobrenko 

Thesis: Conspiracy of Peace: The Cold War, the International Peace Movement, and the Soviet Peace Campaign, 1946-1956

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Associate Professor, Sichuan University


Lim Jin Li

Thesis: New China and its Qiaowu: The Political Economy of Overseas Chinese policy in the People’s Republic of China, 1949–1959

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Partner at QCP Capital: Asia’s leading Digital Asset traders


Vishnu Juwono 

Thesis: Berantas Korupsi: a political history of governance reform and anti-corruption initiatives in Indonesia 1945-2014

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten E. Schulze

Placement: Assistant Professor in Public Administration, Faculty of Administrative Science, Universitas Indonesia


Chris Parkes

Thesis: The Welles of loneliness: Sumner Welles and the creation of American foreign policy

Supervisor: Professor Steven Casey

Placement: Senior Lecturer in History Education, Kings College London


Nabila Ramdani

Thesis: The rise of the Egyptian nationalist movement: the case of the 1919 Revolution

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten E. Schulze

Placement: Freelance Journalist, broadcaster


Yu Suzuki

Thesis: Relationship with Distance: Korea, East Asia and the Anglo-Japanese Relationship, 1880-1894

Supervisor: Dr Antony Best

Placement: Post Doc - Kyoto University



Ranj Alaaldin 

Thesis: Iraq: the rise of the Shi'a, 1958-1980

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten E. Schulze

Placement: Fellow, Middle East Council on Global Affairs; Director of Crisis Response Council; Senior Consultant, World Bank


Sara Al-Qaiwani 

Thesis: Nationalism, revolution and feminism: women in Egypt and Iran from 1880-1980

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten E. Schulze and Dr Taylor Sherman

Placement: Guest Teacher, IHD, London LSE


Rosalind Coffey

Thesis: The British press, British public opinion, and the end of empire in Africa, 1957-60

Supervisor: Dr Joanna Lewis

Placement: Guest Teacher and Post-doctoral researcher, IHD, London LSE


John Collins

Thesis: Regulations and prohibitions: Anglo-American relations and international drug control, 1939-1964

Supervisor: Professor Nigel Ashton

Placement: Guest Teacher , IHD, London LSE; Executive Director, International Drug Policy Unit (IDPU), LSE


Jonas Fossli Gjersø 

Thesis: Continuity of moral policy: a reconsideration of British motives for the partition of East Africa in light of anti-slave trade policy and imperial agency, 1878-96

Supervisor: Professor Joanna Lewis

Placement: Post-doctoral Fellow, Dept Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo


Anton Harder

ThesisDefining independence in Cold War Asia: Sino-Indian relations, 1949-1962

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: GT, IHD, LSE


Aaron Rietkerk

Thesis: In pursuit of development: the United Nations, decolonization and development aid, 1949-1961

Supervisor: Professor Nigel Ashton

Placement: Lecturer, Cailfornia State University (Fullerton)


Bastian Matteo Scianna

Thesis: Myths and Memories: The Italian Operations on the Eastern Front (1941–1943) and Their Contested Legacy During the Cold War (completed at the University of Potsdam)

Supervisor: Sönke Neitzel

Placement: Senior Lecturer (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) at the Chair of War Studies, University of Potsdam


Tobias Thiel

Thesis: Citizen revolt for a modern state: Yemen's revolutionary moment, collective memory and conscientious politcs sur la longue duree

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten E. Schulze

Placement: Head of Project, Strengthening Reform Initiatives at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


Simon Toner

Thesis: The counter-revolutionary path: South Vietnam, the United States, and the global allure of development, 1968-1973

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: History Lecturer, California State University, Fullerton


Corrin Varady 

Thesis: From peacemaking to 'vigorous self-defense': US foreign policy and the multinational force in Lebanon 1982-1984

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten E. Schulze

Placement: CEO/ founder of IDEA Digital Education




Alicia Altorfer-Ong

Thesis: Old comrades and new brothers: a historical re-examination of the Sino-Zanzibari and Sino-Tanzanian bilateral relationships in the 1960s.

Supervisor: Professor Joanna Lewis

Placement: Deputy General Manager, Ray of Hope


Aurelie Basha I Novosejt

Thesis: Robert S. McNamaraʼs withdrawal plans from Vietnam: a bureaucratic history

Supervisor: Professor Steven Casey

Placement: Lecturer in American history, University of Kent


Luc-Andre Brunet

Thesis: The new industrial order: Vichy, steel, and the origins of the Monnet Plan, 1940-1946

Supervisor: Professor N. Piers Ludlow

Placement: Senior Lecturer in Contemporary International History, Open University


Maria X. Chen

Thesis: Wine in their veins: France and the European Community’s common wine policy, 1967-1980

Supervisor: Professor N. Piers Ludlow

Placement: Global Lead, Regulatory Operations, YouTube; BBC Expert Women


Zhong Zhong Chen

Thesis: Defying Moscow, engaging Beijing: The German Democratic Republic’s relations with the People’s Republic of China, 1980-1989

Supervisor: Professor Aino Rosa Kristina Spohr

Placement: Strategy Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group


Benedict Greening

Thesis: This island's mine: Anglo-Bermudian power-sharing and the politics of oligarchy, race and violence during late British decolonisation, 1963-1977

Supervisor: Professor Joanna Lewis

Placement: Communications Officer, Migration Watch UK


Andrea Mason 

Thesis: This forlorn adventure: British policy towards Poland, 1944-1947

Supervisor: Professor Anita Prazmowska

Placement: LSE Fellow, IHD (2017-2019)


Mahon Murphy

Thesis: Prisoners of war and civilian internees captured by British and Dominion forces from the German colonies during the First World War

Supervisor: Professor David Stevenson and Dr Heather Jones

Placement: Associate Professor of International History, Kyoto University; Managing editor, British Journal for Military History


Laura Ryseck

Thesis: The search for national identity in post-colonial, multi-communal states: the cases of Eritrea and Lebanon,1941-1991

Supervisor: Dr Kirsten E. Schulze

Placement: Science Management, Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences


Charles Sorrie

Thesis:  Censorship of the press in France 1917-1918

Supervisor: Professor David Stevenson

Placement: Social Studies Teacher, Lycée Français de San Francisco


Natalia Telepneva

Thesis: Our sacred duty: the Soviet Union, the liberation movements in the Portuguese colonies, and the Cold War, 1961-1975

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Lecturer in International History, University of Strathclyde


Weston Ullrich

Thesis: American perceptions of destalinisation and leadership change in the Soviet Union, 1953-56: from Stalin’s death to the Hungarian uprising

Supervisor: Professor Steven Casey

Placement: Cycling Manufacturer


Pinar Ure

Thesis: Byzantine heritage, archaeology, and politics between Russia and the Ottoman Empire: Russian Archaeological Institute in Constantinople (1894-1914)

Supervisor: Professor Dominic Lieven

Placement: Lecturer at TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Turkey




Rita Augestad Knudsen

Thesis: Moments of self-determination: the concept of 'self-determination' and the idea of freedom in 20th- and 21st-century international discourse

Supervisor: Professor Aino Rosa Kristina Spohr

Placement: Senior Researcher, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) research group for Security and Defence


Dayna Barnes 

Thesis: Armchair occupation: American wartime planning for postwar Japan, 1937-1945

Supervisor: Professor Steven Casey

Placement: Associate Professor, College of International Security Affairs (CISA), National Defense University, USA


Paul Coyer

Thesis: Congress, China and the Cold War: domestic politics and Sino-American rapprochement and normalisation, 1969-80

Supervisor: Professor Antony Best

Placement: Research Professor, the Institute of World Politics, Washington, D.C.; Associate Professor, l’Ecole Speciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr


Bryan Gibson

Thesis: US foreign policy, Iraq, and the Cold War 1958-­1975

Supervisor: Professor Nigel Ashton

Placement: Affiliate Researcher, Middle East Center, University of Washington, Seattle


Giovanni Graglia

Thesis: Fascistizing Turin: compromising with tradition and clashing with opposition

Supervisor: Dr Heather Jones

Placement: Student Adviser, LSE Life


Paul Moody

Thesis: The Lion Had Wings: The Invention of British Cinema, 1895-1939

Supervisor: Professor Alan Sked

Placement: Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications, Brunel University

Dr Daniel Strieff

Daniel Strieff

Thesis: The president and the peacemaker: Jimmy Carter and the domestic politics of Arab-Israeli diplomacy, 1977-1980

Supervisor: Professor Steven Casey and Dr Kirsten E. Schulze

Placement: Foreign Service Officer, US Department of State



Goetz Bechtolsheimer

Thesis: Breakfast with Mobutu: Congo, the United States and the Cold War, 1964-1981

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Founder: Advise US UK Education Consultancy


Marie Julie Chenard

Thesis: The European Community’s opening to the People’s Republic of China, 1969-1979: internal decision-making on external relations

Supervisor: Professor N. Piers Ludlow

Placement:  Head of Social Value in the Civil Society and Youth Directorate in DCMS


Lyong Choi

Thesis: The foreign policy of Park Chunghee: 1968- 1979

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Associate Professor of International Studies, Hanyang University


Matthew Hinds

Thesis: Anglo-American relations in Saudi Arabia, 1941-1945: a study of a trying relationship

Supervisor: Professor Nigel Ashton

Placement: Post-doctoral Fellow, Danske Institut for Internationale Studier


Leslie Elaine James

Thesis: What we put in black and white: George Padmore and the practice of anti-imperial politics

Supervisor: Professor Joanna Lewis

Placement: Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary University


Rúben Leitâo Serém

Thesis: Conspiracy, coup d’état and civil war in Seville (1936-1939): history and myth in Francoist Spain

Supervisor: Professor Paul Preston

Placement: Assistant Professor, Nottingham University


Yaniv Voller

Thesis: From rebellion to de facto statehood: international and transnational sources of the transformation of the Kurdish national liberation movement in Iraq into the Kurdistan regional government

Supervisor: Dr Katerina Dalacoura

Placement: Senior Lecturer in Middle East Politics,Director of PDip/MA in Security and Terrorism, Kent University


Margit Wunsch

Thesis: German print media coverage in the Bosnia and Kosovo wars of the 1990s

Supervisor: Emeritus Professor Maria José Rodriguez-Salgado

Placement: Research Assistant, Freie Universität Berlin



Robert Barnes

Thesis: The (UN)equal alliance: the United States, the Commonwealth, the United Nations and the Korean War, 1950-4

Supervisor: Professor Steven Casey

Placement: Senior Lecturer, York St Johns University


Elizabeth Benning

Thesis: Economic Power and Political Leadership: the Federal Republic, the West and the Re-shaping of the International Economic System, 1972-1976

Supervisor: Professor N. Piers Ludlow and Professor Aino Rosa Kristina Spohr

Placement: Barclays Wealth


Catherine Buchanan

Thesis: The massacre of St. Bartholomew’s (24-27 August 1572) and the sack of Antwerp (4-7 November 1576): print and political responses in Elizabethan England

Supervisor: Emeritus Professor Maria José Rodriguez-Salgado

Placement: Founder: Advise US UK Education Consultancy


Jeffrey Byrne

Thesis: The pilot nation: an international history of revolutionary Algeria, 1958-65

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Associate Professor, University of British Columbia


Emma De Angelis

Thesis: The political discourse of the European Parliament, enlargement, and the construction of a European identity, 1962 - 2004

Supervisor: Professor N. Piers Ludlow

Placement: Director, Special Projects, RUSI Journal


Gillian B. Fleming

Thesis: Juana I and the struggle for power in an age of transition (1504-1521)

Supervisor: Emeritus Professor Maria José Rodriguez-Salgado

Placement: Independent Historian


Marvin Benjamin Fried

Thesis: War aims and peace conditions: Austro-Hugarian foreign policy in the Balkans, July 1914 - May 1917

Supervisor: Professor David Stevenson

Placement: Associate Director at Royal Bank of Scotland


Eirini Karamouzi

Thesis: Greece's path to E.E.C. membership, 1974-9: the view from Brussels

Supervisor: Professor N. Piers Ludlow

Placement: Senior Lecturer in Contemporary History, Sheffield University


Scott Keefer

Thesis: Great Britain and naval arms control: international law and security, 1898-1914

Supervisor: Professor David Stevenson

Placement: Senior Lecturer in History, Bournemouth University


Rui Lopes

Thesis: Between Cold War and colonial wars: the making of West German policy towards the Portuguese dictatorship, 1968-74

Supervisor: Professor Aino Rosa Kristina Spohr

Placement: Lecturer, Birkbeck University of London


Emma Peplow

Thesis: The Western Allies in Berlin, 1945-8: relations at the ground level

Supervisor: Professor Nigel Ashton

Placement: Head of Oral History, History Of Parliament Trust, UK


Vladimir Unkovski-Korica

Thesis: Workers' self-management in the 'Yugoslav road to socialism': market, mobilisation and political conflict, 1948-62

Supervisor: Professor Anita Prazmowska

Placement: Senior Lecturer (Central & East European Studies), University of Glasgow



Thomas Field

Thesis: Conflict on high: Tthe Bolivian Revolution and the United States, 1961-1964

Supervisor: Professor Nigel J. Ashton

Placement: Professor of Social Sciences, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Victor Figueroa-Clark

Thesis: Chilean exiles and their support for the Sandinistas in Nicaragua

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Scholar, historian, author, contributing editor @alboradanet.


Harcourt Fuller

Thesis: Building a nation: Symbolic nationalism during the Kwame Nkrumah era in the Gold Coast/Ghana

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Associate Professor of History, Department of History, Georgia State University, Atlanta


Ashley Eva Millar

Thesis: Assessing the wealth of a nation: British and French views of China's political economy during the Enlightenment.

Supervisor: Professor Joan-Pau Rubiés

Placement: Lecturer, University of Cape Town, South Africa


Alexandros Nafpliotis

Thesis: British policy towards the Greek junta, 1967-74: a tragedy of economics and N.A.T.O. favouritism

Supervisor: Emeritus Professor Alan Sked

Placement: Hellenic Open University


Anna Pluta 

Thesis: Legitimising accession: Transformation politics and elite consensus on EU membership in Poland, 1989-2003

Supervisor: Professor N. Piers Ludlow

Placement: Independent management consultant



Audrey Vedel Bonnery 

Thesis: The BBC and Franco-British Relations, 1938-1944

Supervisor: Dr Robert Boyce

Placement: Lecturer, Centre Georges Chevrier UMR CNRS


Artemy Mikhail Kalinovsky

Thesis: A long goodbye: The politics and diplomacy of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, 1980-1992

Supervisor: Professor Anita J. Prazmowska  and Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Professor of History and Political Science, Temple University


Edward Frederick Packard

Thesis: Whitehall, industrial mobilisation and the private manufacture of armaments: British state-industry relations, 1918-1936.

Supervisor: Dr Robert Boyce

Placement: Lecturer, University of Suffolk


Louisa Zanoun

Thesis: Interwar politics in a French border region: the Moselle in the period of the Popular Front, 1934-1938

Supervisor: Dr Robert Boyce

Placement: Senior Science and Innovation Adviser at British Embassy in Paris


Dandan Zhu

Thesis: Double crisis: China and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Associate Professor China Foreign Affairs University




Stephanie Hare

Thesis: Duty, death and the Republic: The career of Maurice Papon from Vichy France to the Algerian War.

Supervisor: Dr Robert Boyce

Placement: Researcher, Broadcaster and Writer


Tanya Harmer

Thesis: The Rules of the Game: Allende's Chile, the United States and Cuba, 1970-1973

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Associate Professor, IH, LSE





Louise Prentis Woodroofe

Thesis: "Buried in the sands of the Ogaden": The United States, the Horn of Africa and the demise of detente

Supervisor: Professor Odd Arne Westad

Placement: Office of the Historian, Department of State




Néstor Cerdá

Thesis: Spanish military doctrine since 1898 and its impact on the conduct of the Spanish Civil War

Supervisor: Professor Paul Preston

Placement: Chief Editor RDHM (Revista Digital de Historia Militar)


2000- 2005


Aviva Guttmann

Thesis: Transnational Terrorism and International Diplomacy – Extreme Leftist Terrorist Networks of France, Germany and Italy and Their Government Reactions 1968- 1986

Supervisor: Professor Aino Rosa Kristina Spohr

Placement: Lecturer in Strategy and Intelligence, Aberystwyth University



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