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Fusheng quantu COPY

Read Dr Ron Po's New Article!

Dr. Po has published an open-access article titled “The Dunn Map: An American and a Long-Forgotten Curio from Nineteenth-Century China,” in Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Asian Interactions. More than just a long-overlooked illustrative account that offers a glimpse into the seascape of Fuzhou, China, the map, as Dr. Po contends, is a crucial piece of evidence that reveals much about the times and contexts in which it was created and interpreted.

Read the article here


Re-visiting the ethical dimension of Cold War American interventionism

Dr. Agis Papageorgiou has published his first research article at St. Antony's International Review (STAIR) in which he explores the ethics of Cold War American interventionism through a consequentialist perspective. Dr. Agis' article challenges the conventional wisdom on the ethics of American interventionism, and explores how several - otherwise horrendous - US interventions across the globe may have been justified in the minds of American foreign policymakers because of the underlying dynamic of the Cold War: the existential showdown between American Exceptionalism and Leninist Socialism.

You can read the article here.

Professor Marc David Baer

Prof Marc Baer discusses his book, on TVR, Romanian National Television with Cătălin Ștefănescu, 12 May 2024

Marc's book has recently been translated into Romanian and has since attracted a lot of attention in the country! He will be speaking again in Romania in September.

Watch the newsclip here

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 22.34.04

Dr Ron Po on BBC Radio 4

Dr Po was invited to attend the show In Our Time on BBC Radio 4 to discuss the Empress Dowager Cixi and the late Qing empire with Melvyn Bragg (the host), Rana Mitter (Harvard), and Yangwen Zheng (University of Manchester).

The podcast is now available online

Ron Po May 24

“Taiwan Studies in Transition: Sources, Theories, and Approaches.”

On May 2, 2024, Dr. Ron Po, in collaboration with the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) and Leiden University, organized an international workshop in Taiwan studies titled “Taiwan Studies in Transition: Sources, Theories, and Approaches.” The lineup of speakers, coming from Taipei, Beijing, Portsmouth, Prague, Boston, London, Leiden, and Amsterdam, examined Taiwan from various perspectives — literature, frontier studies, environmental science, religion, and historical anthropology — providing unique insights into Taiwan’s rich and complex identity. Nearly 70 attendees participated in the event, highlighting the vibrant and interdisciplinary nature of this field.

More information about this event can be found on this website


Professor Steven Casey has just published the cover article in this month's issue of History Today.

Marking the 80th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, "D-Day Has Come" offers a small preview of Professor Casey's new book, The Skeptic Isle: How the British Government Sold the Second World War. This book will be published by Oxford University Press in the spring of 2025.

Find out more here


Professor Kristina Spohr’s new article out on Wilson Center’s website

It looks at Russia’s recent efforts to alter maritime borders in the Baltic sea. She highlights the potential implications for neighbouring states, and how the Kremlin might use this to sow uncertainty in the Euro-Atlantic community.

Read the full article here.

Black Atlantic Fitzwilliam Museum cropped

Jake Subryan Richards works as co-curator in the exhibition team behind Black Atlantic: Power, People, Resistance 

The exhibition was displayed at the University of Cambridge Museums and has been recognized by the Association for Art History, with the award of the 2024 Curatorial Prize for Exhibitions.

The exhibition team also received a Highly Commended award from Museums + Heritage Awards 2024 for best Temporary or Touring Exhibition of the Year – Budget over £80k.


Professor Steve Casey's Faculti interview has just been published

In this interview, Professor Casey talks about his most recent book, The War Beat, Pacific: The American Media at War against Japanwhich was a Finalist for both the Tankard Book Prize and the Frank Luther Mott Award.

Watch the interview here


4 3 ratio-LSE_Bag_1484

LSE Ranks no. 4 in the World for History!

The QS World University Rankings for 2024 have been released.

The QS rankings are some of the most authoritative of their kind, and we are so proud to see LSE rank in the top 5 for History.




"Making Sense of the Great War"

Alex Mayhew's book, Making Sense of the Great War, was published by Cambridge University Press. His monograph explores the morale, identities, perceptions, and sensemaking of infantrymen and reveals how they coped with and responded to crisis.

Find out more here


Dr. Po awarded the Research and Impact Support Fund

We are delighted to share that Dr. Po has been awarded the Research and Impact Support Fund (RISF) of £20,000, offered by our school, to support his new project concerning the cultural history of shark fins in China. 

Set up in 2020, the RISF is dedicated to supporting world-class research at LSE by academic faculty and researchers. Congratulations, Dr. Po!

Learn about the RISF

Anna Cant

New perspectives on land, territory and agrarian reforms

Dr Anna Cant will be discussing her research on the 1969 Peruvian Agrarian Reform as part of the event 'New perspectives on land, territory and agrarian reforms in Bolivia, Peru and Mexico' at New York University on 22nd April.

Open to all. 

Pre-registration is required


An International Fisheries Exhibition in Milan: The Qing Empire and the World

Dr. Po was invited to give a keynote speech at the Annual Workshop organised by the CISEPS at the University of Milano-Bicocca on 12  April 2024.

His talk is titled "An International Fisheries Exhibition in Milan: The Qing Empire and the World," which will delve into the interactions between the Qing Empire and global powers through the perspective of fisheries.

It aims to shed light on the role of these exhibitions in promoting international dialogue and cooperation during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Learn about the CISEPS



Korea: The First Forever War

Professor Steven Casey was one of twelve international experts invited to speak at a symposium at TCU, Fort Worth, Texas, on 23 March,titled "Korea: The First Forever War". 

The event was filmed by C-SPAN and will be shown in America in late April.

Full details about the event

Perfidious Albion – Britain and the Spanish Civil War 2024

Perfidious Albion – Britain and the Spanish Civil War

Professor Paul Preston's latest book is essential reading for anyone interested in finding out more about the background to British attitudes to the Spanish Civil War. The book's title reflects the first three chapters that deal with the hypocrisy and prejudice of British foreign policy towards the Spanish Republic, greatly influenced by the right-wing diplomats Norman King and Sir Henry Chilton. The final two chapters assess the influence on British perceptions of the Spanish Civil War of four prominent 'writer-historians': George Orwell, Herbert Southworth, Burnett Bolloten and Gerald

Get your copy of the book



English Patriotism and the Implicit Nation: Homelands and Soldiers’ National Identity during the Great War

Alex Mayhew's newest article has been published by the English Historical Review. Focussing on the First World War, it explores English soldiers' patriotism and national identity through their relationship with their homelands and the 'implicit nation.

Read this open access article 

Victoria Phillips

Lifescapes: A Biographer's Search for the Soul

Dr Victoria Phillips will interview the highly acclaimed biographer, poet and obituary writer for the Economist, Ann Wroe, who will be speaking about her recent book 'Lifescapes: A Biographer's Search for the Soul' (Penguin). Monday 26 February 2024 at 6:00 pm Open to the Public

Register to attend 

Professor Sergei Radchenko

To Run the World: the Kremlin’s Foreign Policy from the Cold War to the post-Cold War

The Cold War Studies Project is delighted to announce that LSE alumni, Professor Sergei Radchenko will be delivering a seminar at the Research Forum on the 7th March.

The seminar is titled “To Run the World: the Kremlin’s Foreign Policy from the Cold War to the post-Cold War" and will be chaired by Prof Vladislav Zubok.

Full details about the seminar


Black Atlantic: Power, People, Resistance

We are excited to share that a smaller version of the Black Atlantic exhibition that our very own Jake Richards co-curated will move to the United Nations Headquarters in New York for the period 23 February – 28 March.

For all those in Columbia interested in visiting the exhibition this is your invitation!

Visit the website  


Trip to the National Army Museum

This year we are running a series of optional archive visits for our undergraduate module ‘Historical Approaches to the Modern World.’

Last week, Alex Mayhew led the first of these to the National Army Museum where Justin Saddington allowed the students to look at some of the treasures held by the museum.



Rewarding mobility? Towards a realistic European policy agenda for academics at risk

Dr Dina Gusejnova and Dr Artemis Photiadou have completed a seed project for CIVICA, which is part of a broader Horizon2020 project on "Protecting Academics at Risk" with colleagues from CEU (Vienna) and SNSPA (Bucharest), which will now reive continued support from a Gerda Henkel grant with a new partner from Uni Erfurt. 

The first publication is out, titled: "Rewarding mobility? Towards a realistic European policy agenda for academics at risk". It calls for a robust EU, UK and broader European response to an issue that is currently inadequately addressed by national governments, professional associations and NGOs.

Read the article 


Qing China and Its Offshore Islands in the Long Eighteenth Century

Dr. Po's first article of 2024 and the final piece in the Year of the Rabbit, “Qing China and Its Offshore Islands in the Long Eighteenth Century” is now available online with The Historical Journal!

If you're interested in the connections between frontier management, island governance, and the formation of the Qing as an early modern empire, please dive in through the link below! It is free and open access to all

Read the article


Congradulations Ségolène Le Stradic! 

A graduate of our LSE-Columbia Double Degree MSc in International and World History programme, Ségolène Le Stradic, has won a joint-first prize of the 2023 LSE Middle East Centre MA Dissertation prize. 

Ségolène's award winning dissertation is a study of radio broadcasting in the Levant between 1939-1941. Through careful analysis of a range of archival sources, Le Stradic advances historiography on radio broadcasting as propaganda and its relationship to colonial practices in the Levant. 

Ségolène has worked in multiple news and research organisations in France and Lebanon and is now interning at a French newspaper, hoping to pursue a career in journalism. 

Read more via the following page

Professor Kristina Spohr & Anders Adlercreutz

"It is clear that we need Europe to step up [support to Ukraine] and we need the US to stay in the game".

Our very own Professor Kristina Spohr, currently a Fellow at The Wilson Centre in Washington DC, was in conversation with Finland’s Minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering: Anders Adlercreutz. They discussed Finland’s foreign policy priorities and challenges entering 2024. 

View the video recording of the discussion


Indonesian Jihadi Training Camps: Home and Away

Dr. Kirsten E Schulze has published an article on ‘Indonesian Jihadi Training Camps: Home and Away’ (co-authored with Julie Chernov Hwang) in the Studies in Conflict and Terrorism journal. 

This article looks at Indonesian training in foreign camps in Afghanistan, the Philippines, and Syria as well as domestic training camps and opportunities in Ambon, Poso, Aceh, and Java. It examines the roles that these camps played not only in building military capacity but also with respect to ensuring organizational continuity, building networks, and fulfilling the obligation of jihad.

Read the article

Dr Eline van Ommen - Nicaragua Must Survive

Our former PhD student has published her first book with the University of California Press

Congratulations to our former PhD student, Dr Eline van Ommen who has published her first book this year!

The book is based on her doctoral dissertation, which was supervised by Tanya Harmer and Piers Ludlow

Read Eline's book


Academia and Democracy

Academic freedom of research and teaching is key to a democracy. Much of the knowledge we need to form a political opinion is the result of academic work. 

Join Dr Dina Gusejnova on Wednesday, 24 January as she speaks as part of a panel discussing Academia and Democracy at the Staatsbibliothek Berlin. 

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mcdougall 2

Our former PhD student has published his first book with Palgrave

Dr Hamish McDougall who won the 2022 British International History Group Michael Dockrill prize for his PhD, has now published his book based mainly on his PhD. 

This is an important personal milestone, but it’s also a reminder to current and prospective PhD students of what can be achieved with our PhD programme!

Read Hamish's book

sardinia house

Assistant Professor in Modern South Asian History position

The Department of International History at the LSE invites applications for an Assistant Professor in Modern South Asian History.

We are especially interested in candidates who study South Asia with respect to international, transnational and global developments in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and who have a capacity to undertake research in at least one South Asian language. Applications are welcome on themes that include conflict, empires, political movements, the environment, gender and caste.

Position closed

Hong Kai Koh

Congradulations Hong Kai Koh! 

A graduate of our MSc International and Asian History programme, Hong Kai Koh, has won the 2023 LSE Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre Postgraduate Dissertation Prize. 

His award-winning dissertation was supervised by Dr Qingfei Yin

Read more via the following page