Undergraduate programmes

The Department of International History at LSE offers the following undergraduate programmes:

BA History



Students doing a degree in History at the LSE study the full range of modern international history. BA History courses span from the fifteenth century to the twenty-first century, giving students an understanding of the forces that have shaped the past and those that are shaping the world we live in today.

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BSc International Relations and History



This joint honours degree allows you to combine historical studies with contemporary and theoretical studies in international relations. Students who wish to complement the in-depth understanding of the complex unfolding of historical events with a theoretical perspective on how international society is organised can take a degree in International Relations and History.

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BSc History and Politics



Taught jointly with the Department of Government, this programme combines the two complementary fields of history and politics in a joint honours programme, with around half of the programme in each field. It will provide you with insight into the interaction between political ideas and institutions, and historical developments.

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