Dr Molly Avery

Dr Molly Avery

PhD Alumna and Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of International History

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Tuesday, 3pm to 4pm (appointment by Student Hub)
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English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Latin America, Anticommunism, Cold War, Transnational Right

About me

Molly passed her PhD viva in May 2022 under the supervision of Dr Tanya Harmer. She holds a BA in History from Christ’s College, Cambridge, and an MSc in History of International Relations from LSE. Aside from her research, she was a co-convener for the HY510 LSE-Sciences Po Research Seminar in Contemporary International History until December 2019.

Thesis title

The Southern Cone and Central America: International and Transnational Anticommunist Networks in Guatemala and El Salvador, 1977-1984

Molly’s thesis addresses Latin American international and transnational anticommunist networks during the Cold War, with a particular focus on the connections between the anticommunist dictatorships in Chile and Argentina and the Extreme Right in Guatemala and El Salvador, 1977-1984. Drawing on source material from Chile, Argentina and Paraguay, as well as archives and interviews in Central America, the United States, and the United Kingdom, this research seeks to provide an as-of-yet understudied Latin American perspective to the international history of the conflicts in Central America. Taking the independence of Latin American anticommunist ideology as its starting point, the thesis uses the connections between the Southern Cone and Central America to explore the history of the Latin American Extreme Right more broadly in this period, ranging from the Extreme Right’s response to the rise of the international human rights movement to its fractious relationship with the United States, as well as the importance of non-state actors in the wider transnational anticommunist network.

Expertise Details

Latin America; Anticommunism; Cold War; Transnational History; Transnational Right



Conference papers and presentations

  • ‘Chile, Argentina and transnational Latin American anticommunist networks in Guatemala and El Salvador in the wake of the Nicaraguan Revolution’, International History and Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century Annual Symposium, Liverpool, May 2019
  • ‘Chilean foreign policy in El Salvador during the Carter years, 1977-1981’, GWU-LSE-UCSB Graduate Student Conference on the Cold War, Washington DC, May 2019
  • ‘Justifying State Terror to Protect “Human Rights”: Latin American Right-Wing Dictatorships’ Co-option of Human Rights Discourse, 1977-1981’, Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies Inaugural Conference, April 2019
  • ‘The Pinochet Dictatorship and Central America: an intersection in the Latin American transnational anticommunist network’ Intersections in the Americas: the UCL Americas Research Network Conference, May 2018

Awards and grants

  • 2020: Winner of Journal of Latin American Studies Best Article Prize
  • 2019: Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS) Postgraduate Travel Award
  • 2019: Royal Historical Society Postgraduate Research Grant
  • 2018: Visiting Researcher, UC Berkeley, LSE Partnership PhD Mobility Scheme
  • 2017-2021: LSE PhD Studentship
  • 2016: Iris Forrester Prize for Excellence, LSE
  • 2015-16: LSE 120th Anniversary Master’s Scholarship
  • 2014: Sir John Plumb Dissertation Prize, Christ’s College, Cambridge