Mehmet Akif  Aydemir

Mehmet Akif Aydemir

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Department of International History

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SAR M.15
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Friday, 10:30am - 11:30am
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English, Ottoman, Turkish
Key Expertise
Diplomatic History, Imperial History, African Politics.

About me

I hold a BA in International Relations from Ankara University. Once I was awarded a scholarship from the Ministry of National Education, I decided to study in the United Kingdom at the School of Oriental and African Studies. I submitted my master’s dissertation which is titled “Moroccan Political Manoeuvring: Why Did Rabat Decide to Rejoin the African Union After 33 Years?” at SOAS. Following of received an MSc in African Politics from SOAS, University of London, I joined the Department of History at Royal Holloway University of London as a Ph.D. Candidate in September 2021. My doctoral research, under the supervision of Dr. James Baldwin and Dr. Markus Daechsel, will investigate diplomatic relations and the main political conflicts between the British Empire and the Ottoman State from 1908 to 1913.

Through the Ph.D. thesis, the relations between the British Empire and Ottoman State from 1908 to 1913 will be analysed under the frame of political and diplomatic aspects. The relations between these states had included ups and downs during the given timeframe. Throughout the years from the Reval meeting to the outbreak of the First World War, the relationship of Britain and the Ottoman Empire was characterised by both “friendliness” and “rivalry”. The hope of improved relations between the British and Ottomans in 1908 gave place to rivalry by 1913. The study aims to explore this transformation and the process which led to two states being positioned on opposite sites during the First World War.

Expertise Details

Anglo-Ottoman Foreign Relations; Pre-war Period; Foreign Policy Analysis; North Africa Politics; Continental Unionism in Africa.


  • Editor for Irak Cephesi 1914-1918 Kutül-Amare Kuşatması-Cilt l, (2019, Türk Tarih Kurumu Publications). The translator is Gül Karabuda. The book consists of the diaries, reports and important considerations of Captain Mukbil Bey (from the Ottoman Army) for the Siege of Kut al-Amara. I examined the literary composition, checked sentence errors and also contributed to transferring handwriting to text in a proper way.


Mehmet Akif Aydemir teaches the following courses at undergraduate level:

HY243:Islamic Empire,1400-1800



  • Study Abroad Programme of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education- Scholarship Programme (2018)
  • PGR Research Grant-Royal Holloway (2022)