Dr Pooya  Ghoddousi

Dr Pooya Ghoddousi

LSE Fellow in Human Geography

Department of Geography and Environment

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CKK 3.07
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English, French, Persian
Key Expertise
Migration; Urbanisation; Development; Deleuze; Ibn Khaldun; Assemblages

About me

Pooya is an LSE Fellow in Human Geography in the Department of Geography and Environment. Before his academic career, Pooya trained and worked as an architect in Tehran before moving to Dubai. His disillusion with the unsustainable urban development in Dubai led him to study nomadism as an alternative to existing human settlements. He joined an environmental NGO in Iran to live and work with pastoral nomads, and then carried the lessons into his participatory research and activism in London. His master's and PhD theses (at LSE and UCL respectively) explored the nomadic tendencies in the transnational assemblages of identity, belonging and collective action among Iranians in London. He has since held an Honorary Fellowship and an ESRC Post-doctoratal Research Fellowship at Queen Mary University of London, and a Teaching Fellowship at University College London. His research, activism and writing are inspired by the concepts of assemblages and nomadism by Deleuze, Guattari and Ibn Khaldun.


ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship

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