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Our research

What are our specialisms?

The Department of Geography and Environment is home to a vibrant, multidisciplinary academic community committed to demonstrating why thinking geographically and environmentally about real-world problems matters.

Our research contributes to an understanding of pressing global issues

Research in the Department of Geography and Environment can be seen within the context of LSE's specialist nature and its commitment to research excellence across the social sciences.

We are world-leading

We are among the leading geography departments in the world, ranking 2nd in the QS World University Rankings by Subject for the last 5 years. In the latest Research Excellence Framework, 75% of our research received the highest (4* grade) for our research impact.

We are distinctive

Our research focusses on three specialist areas:

  • economic geography
  • environment
  • urban, planning and development

We contribute to an understanding of pressing global issues, such as the causes and consequences of geographically uneven development, the challenges and benefits of urbanisation and life in cities, and the sustainability of our environmental and socio-economic systems – particularly given global climate change.

We address fundamental questions

  • What explains inequalities in regional and urban development?
  • How do we understand the economic, environmental, social and spatial dimensions of urbanisation and development in cities?
  • What role do economics and politics play in land use and planning?
  • What are the links between sustainability and development and human wellbeing and behaviour?
  • How do we ensure environmental justice and security?
  • What is the appropriate response to climate change?
  • In all of this, what is and should be the role of theory, politics and policy?

We believe the social sciences are central to understanding these challenges.

We use our research to inform public debates and help improve the world’s economic, environmental, political and social future.