Human Geography

Seminar Series

These research seminars are a series of expert-led discussions. Unless otherwise noted, they take place on Thursdays, 11.30am-1pm in CKK 1.15. The seminars are open to all. 

Centner UPD Seminar

This series is organised by Dr Austin Zeiderman.
Please contact a.zeiderman@lse.ac.uk with any questions. 

Autumn Term 2023

Thursday 28 September
Dr Victoria Okoye (University of Edinburgh)
"Nima’s 'incomplete' humans: Storying adolescents' black inhabitations in Accra"
*Seminar Cancelled*

Thursday 12 October
Dr Laura Antona (LSE)
"Sent back: The spatial, material, and temporal experiences of forced migrant return in Southeast Asia"

Thursday 26 October
Dr Diganta Das (Nanyang Technological University and LSE)
"Human geographies of splintering urbanism: A global South perspective"

Thursday 9 November
Prof Laura Pulido (University of Oregon and LSE) and Prof Patricia Noxolo (University of Birmingham)
"Transnational geographies of race"
Room MAR 2.08
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Thursday 23 November
Dr Alicia Hayashi Lazzarini (University of Exeter)
"Re-Forming Resource Entrepôts: Urban Investment, Extraction, and Beira’s Grande and Golden Peacock Hotels"

Past seminars


Thursday 19 January
Dr Mary Lawhon (University of Edinburgh)
"Theorizing beyond modernity: A modest approach to infrastructure and cities"
Room: CBG.2.04

Thursday 2 February
Dr Alejandro De Coss-Corzo (University of Bath)
"Working with the end of water: labour, infrastructure, and the making of socio-environmental futures in Mexico City"
Room: 32L.B.07

Thursday 16 February

Prof Tanja Bastia (University of Manchester)
"Left behind, by whom? Ageing, migration & diverse transnational care practices"

Thursday 2 March 
Dr Alicia Hayashi Lazzarini (University of Exeter) 
"Aesthetic Ambivalence and Maputo’s Chinese Gloria Hotel"
Room: CBG.2.04

Thursday 16 March 


Dr Clive Nwonka (University College London) 
Room: CBG.2.04


Thursday 29 September
Dr Matthew Richmond (LSE, Latin America & Caribbean Centre)
"Peripheries in motion: Transformation & crisis at Brazil’s urban marginsy"

Thursday 27 October
Dr Sarah Kunz (University of Essex)
"Expatriate: Following a migration category"

Thursday 10 November
Dr Prince Guma (University of Sheffield)
"Incomplete futures of urban infrastructures in the making: Scenes from the digital age in Nairobi"

Thursday 24 November
Dr Omar Tesdell (Birzeit University)
"Urban green space and arboriculture in Palestine"