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Academic Leadership

The Academic Leadership team are responsible for planning and implementing the School's range of research and engagement initiatives, as well as developing prospective projects and external links.


Professor Andrés Velasco

Dean of the School of Public Policy

Tony Travers

Professor Tony Travers

Associate Dean of the School of Public Policy

Vanessa Rubio

Professor Vanessa Rubio-Márquez

Associate Dean for Extended Education

Lloyd Gruber

Dr Lloyd Gruber

MPA Programme Director

Simon Bastow

Dr Simon Bastow

Associate Professorial Lecturer, MPP Programme Director


Professor Sir Charles Bean

EMPA/EMPP Programme Co-Director


Portrait photo of Dan Berliner

Dr Dan Berliner

EMPA/EMPP Programme Co-Director


Professor Dilly Fung

LSE Pro-Director for Education

Professor in Practice at the School of Public Policy


Nava Ashraf

Professor Nava Ashraf

Professor of Economics


Dr Babken Babajanian

Associate Professorial Lecturer

Oriana Bandiera

Professor Oriana Bandiera

Professor of Economics

Professor Nicholas Barr

Professor Nicholas Barr

Professor of Public Economics

Simon Bastow

Dr Simon Bastow

Associate Professorial Lecturer, MPP Programme Director


Professor Sir Tim Besley

School Professor of Economics and Political Science

Gwyn Bevan

Professor Gwyn Bevan

Emeritus Professor of Economics

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Daniel Brieba

LSE Fellow in Political Science & Public Policy


Gharad Bryan

Dr Gharad Bryan

Lecturer in Economics

Robin Burgess

Professor Robin Burgess

Professor of Economics

Francesco Caselli

Professor Francesco Caselli

Norman Sosnow Professor of Economics


Professor Stephan Chambers

Professor in Practice and Director, Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship

Torun Dewan

Professor Torun Dewan

Professor of Political Science


Dr Jeremiah Dittmar

Assistant Professor in Economics

Portrait photo of Mathilde Emeriau

Dr Mathilde Emeriau

Assistant Professor in Empirical Political Economy

Alexander Evans

Professor Alexander Evans 

Professor in Practice

Tasha Fairfield

Dr Tasha Fairfield

Associate Professor of International Development

Dr Barbara Fasolo

Dr Barbara Fasolo

Associate Professor of Behavioural Science


Dr Omar Hammoud Gallego

LSE Fellow in Political Science & Public Policy

Conor Gearty

Professor Conor Gearty

Professor in Human Rights

Professor Sir Julian Le Grand

Professor Sir Julian Le Grand 

Professor of Social Policy



Dr Lloyd Gruber

Assistant Professor of Political Economy of Development; MPA Programme Director

Rafael Hortala-Vallve

Dr Rafael Hortala-Vallve

Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy

Ethan Ilzetzki

Dr Ethan Ilzetzki

Associate Professor in Economics

Stephen Jenkins

Professor Stephen Jenkins

Professor of Economic and Social Policy


Professor Adnan Khan

Professor in Practice

Camille Landais

Professor Camille Landais

Associate Professor of Economics

Martin Lodge

Professor Martin Lodge

Professor of Political Science and Public Policy


Frank Muci

Policy Fellow

Joana Naritomi image 200x200

Dr Joana Naritomi

Associate Professor, Department of International Development


Eugenia Nazrullaeva

LSE Fellow in Political Science & Public Policy



Professor Michael Otsuka

Professor of Philosophy


Henry Overman

Professor Henry Overman

Professor of Economic Geography


Dr Berkay Ozcan

Associate Professor of Social Policy


Dr Jonathan Parry

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy Logic and Scientific Method

daniel reck

Dr Daniel Reck

Assistant Professor of Economics

Dr Jonathan Roberts

Dr Jonathan Roberts

Teaching Director and Senior Lecturer in Practice

Philipp Rode

Dr Philipp Rode

Associate Professorial Lecturer


Nick Rowley

Senior Lecturer in Practice

Thomas Sampson

Dr Thomas Sampson

Associate Professor of Economics

Mark Schankerman

Professor Mark Schankerman

Professor of Economics

Johannes Spinnewijn

Dr Johannes Spinnewijn

Associate Professor of Economics


Professor Daniel Sturm

Professor of Economics


Dr Johanna Thoma

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy Logic and Scientific Method


Professor Alex Voorhoeve

Professor, Department of Philosophy Logic and Scientific Method


Joachim Wehner

Dr Joachim Wehner

Associate Professor of Public Policy

Visiting Appointments


Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable

Visiting Professor in Practice


Hugh Cole

Visiting Professor in Practice


Greg Fischer

Greg Fischer

Visiting Professor in Practice


Gene Frieda

Senior Visiting Fellow


Professor Ricardo Hausmann

Visiting Professor in Practice


Professor Helios Herrera

Visiting Professor

Ousmene J Mandeng__300x300

Ousmène Jacques Mandeng

Visiting Fellow


Professor Geoffrey Myers

Visiting Professor


Professor Lant Pritchett

Visiting Professor in Practice

Elod Takats 200x200

Professor Előd Takáts

Visiting Professor in Practice

Valeria Gontareva People 200x200

Valeria Gontareva

Visiting Senior Fellow

LSE Cities

Jo Beall

Professor Jo Beall

Emeritus Professor and Distinguished Research Fellow

R_Burdett1 200x200(1)

Professor Ricky Burdett

Director of LSE Cities; Professor of Urban Studies

Philipp Rode

Dr Philipp Rode

Executive Director of LSE Cities; Associate Professorial Lecturer

LSE-Fudan Global Public Policy Hub

Professor Tim Hildebrandt_200x200

Dr Timothy Hildebrandt

Governing Council Member

Professor Bingchun Meng_200x200

Dr Binchung Meng

Governing Council Member


Dr Yan Wang

Research Fellow


Dr Yuxi Zhang

Research Fellow

Evgeniya Kondrashina

Dr Evgeniya Kondrashina

Research Unit Co-ordinator

Growth Co-Lab at LSE


Dr Miguel Santos

Director of the Growth Co-Lab


Sheyla Enciso-Valdivia 

Policy Officer


Ekaterina Vashkinskaya 

Policy Officer

Professional Services Staff

The Professional Services team supports students and faculty to deliver the School's teaching, research, and engagement initiatives. 

Head of Professional Services

Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan

Department Manager (Strategy and Planning)

Dean's Office

Final selection_Pilar-1

Pilar Frogley

Executive Assistant to Professor Andrés Velasco, Dean of the School of Public Policy

 Programmes Team 


Caroline Boswell

Head of Programme Delivery

Michelle Batten

Michelle Batten

MPA Programme Manager


Victoria Bryant

MPP Programme Administrator


Emma Nevell

MPP Programme & Student Partnerships Manager (Interim)


Verity Wilkes

Executive Programmes Manager (Interim)

Generic profile image

Nojmul Islam

Executive Programmes Administrator (Interim)

Jemima Warren

Jemima Swallow (on maternity leave)

MPP Programme & Student Partnerships Manager 



Heather Gorrie (on maternity leave)

Executive Programmes Manager

Zuzana N 200x200

Zuzana Navratilova (on maternity leave)

Executive Programmes Administrator



Anne Clinton

SPP Careers Consultant

Events, Communications and Alumni Engagement Team

Liouta Polly

Polly Liouta

Events and External Affairs Manager


Hannah Shearer

Alumni Engagement Officer


Elizabeth Steele

Digital Communications Officer

Carolina Stern_300x300

Carolina Stern

Events and Communications Manager

Jessica Obrien 1

Jessica O'Brien

Events and Communications Officer (Interim)

Evgeniya Kondrashina

Dr Evgeniya Kondrashina

Research Unit Co-ordinator (LSE-Fudan Global Public Policy Hub Co-ordinator)

Development and Marketing


Andrew Brennen

Executive Programmes Development Manager


Georgina Whitham

Student Recruitment Manager



Dr Irene Bucelli

Programme Co-ordinator, Beveridge 2.0