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Meet our faculty, staff and research students

Key Contacts

Head of Department
Professor Paul Kelly

Department Manager
Imran Iqbal | +44 (0)207 955 7908

Deputy Department Manager
Natalie Paris | +44 (0)207 955 7909

Faculty Enquiries | +44 (0)207 955 7908

Undergraduate Enquiries | +44 (0)207 955 6498

Postgraduate Enquiries | +44 (0)207 955 6300

PhD Enquiries | +44 (0)207 955 7929

Academic Staff

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Portrait photo of Victor Agboba

Victor Agboga (Mr)
LSE Fellow
Room CBD 3.16 |

Portrait photo of Elise Antoine

Elise Antoine (Dr)
Fellow in Public Policy and Administration
Room CBG 3.11 |

Portrait photo of Paul Apostolidis

Paul Apostolidis (Prof)
Professor (Education) and Department Tutor
Room CBG 3.07 | +44 (0)207 955 6295 |


Portrait photo of Tom Bailey

Tom Bailey (Mr)
LSE Fellow in Political Philosophy
Room CBG 3.08 |

Portrait photo of Dan Berliner

Daniel Berliner (Dr)
Associate Professor in Political Science and Public Policy
Room CBG 3.15 |

Portrait photo of Professor Catherine Boone

Catherine Boone (Prof)
Professor of Comparative Politics
Room CON 6.04 |

Portrait photo of Sarah Brierley

Sarah Brierley (Dr)
Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics
Room CBG 4.28 |

Portrait photo of Michael Bruter

Michael Bruter (Prof)
Professor of Political Science and European Politics
Room CBG 3.03 | +44 (0)207 955 6547 |


Portrait photo of Professor John Chalcraft

John Chalcraft (Prof)
Professor in Middle East History and Politics
Room CBG 4.19 |


blank square

Nicholas Devlin (Dr)
LSE Fellow in Government
Room CBG 3.08 |

Portrait photo of Professor Torun Dewan

Torun Dewan (Prof)
Professor of  Political Science and Deputy Head of Department for Research
Room CBG 4.22 |

Portrait photo of Dr Dimitrov Vesselin

Vesselin Dimitrov (Dr)
Associate Professor (Education) and Deputy Head of Department for Education
Room CBG 4.38 |


Portrait photo of Professor Katrin Flikschuh

Katrin Flikschuh (Prof)
Professor of Modern Political Theory
Room CBG 4.21 |

Portrait photo of Florian Foos

Florian Foos (Dr)
Associate Professor in Political Behaviour
Room CBG 3.25 |


David Foster (Dr)
LSE Fellow
Room CBG 3.10 |


Portrait photo of Thalia Gerzso

Thalia Gerzso (Dr)
LSE Fellow
Room CBG 3.16 |


Portrait photo of Dr Steffen Hertog

Steffen Hertog (Dr)
Associate Professor in Comparative Politics
Room CBG 3.27 |

Portrait photo of Sara Hobolt

Sara Hobolt (Prof)
Sutherland Chair in European Institutions
Room CBG 4.34 |

Portrait photo of Jonathan Hopkin

Jonathan Hopkin (Prof)
Professor of Comparative Politics
Room CBG 6.01 |

Portrait photo of Dr Rafael Hortala-Vallve

Rafael Hortala-Vallve (Prof)
Professor in Political Science and Public Policy
Room CBG 4.27 |

Portrait photo of Professor James Hughes

James Hughes (Prof)
Professor of Comparative Politics
Room CBG 3.33 |


Portrait photo of Ryan Jablonski

Ryan Jablonski (Dr)
Associate Professor in Political Science
Room CBG 3.32 |

Portrait photo of Rehan Rafay Jamil

Rehan Rafay Jamil (Dr)
LSE Fellow in Public Policy and Administration
CBG 3.06 |

Portrait photo of Nirvikar Jassal

Nirvikar Jassal (Dr)
Assistant Professor in Political Science
Room CBG 4.14 |

Portrait photo of Leigh Jenco

Leigh Jenco (Prof)
Professor in Political Theory
Room CBG 4.25 |


Portrait photo of Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly (Prof)
Professor of Political Theory and Head of Department
Room CBG 4.18 |

Portrait photo of Dr Bill Kissane

Bill Kissane (Dr)
Associate Professor (Reader)
Room CBG 3.39 |

Mathias KA

Mathias Koenig-Archibugi (Dr)
Associate Professor in Global Politics
Room CBG 3.38 |


Portrait photo of Professor Valentino Larcinese

Valentino Larcinese (Prof)
Professor in Public Policy
Room CBG 3.02 |

Portrait photo of Michael Lerner

Michael Lerner (Dr)
Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
Room CBG 4.21 |

Portrait photo of Professor Martin Lodge

Martin Lodge (Prof)
Professor of Political Science and Public Policy and Deputy Head of Department for Research
Room CBG 3.05 |


blank square

Jacklyn Majnemer (Dr)
LSE Fellow in Political Science
Room CBG 3.04 |

Portrait photo of Omar McDoom

Omar McDoom (Dr)
Associate Professor in Comparative Politics
Room CBG 3.36 | +44 (0)207 955 7557 |

Portrait photo of Dr Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell (Dr)
Associate Professor in European Politics and Political Methodology
Room CBG 3.30 |

carl müller-crepon

Carl Müller-Crepon (Dr)
Assistant Professor 
Room CBG 3.28 |


Portrait photo of George Ofosu

George Ofosu (Dr)
Assistant Professor in Comparative Politics
Room CBG 3.29 |


Portrait photo of Professor Ed Page

Ed Page (Prof)
Sidney and Beatrice Webb Professor in Public Policy
Room CBG 4.30 |

Portrait photo of Francisco Panizza

Francisco Panizza (Prof)
Professor of Latin American and Comparative Politics
Room CBG 4.32 |

Portrait photo of Mathias Poertner

Mathias Poertner (Dr)
Assistant Professor of Political Behaviour
Room CBG 3.34 |


Portrait photo of Stephanie Rickard

Stephanie Rickard (Prof)
Professor of Political Science
Room CBG 4.36 |


Portrait photo of Melissa Sands

Melissa Sands (Dr)
Assistant Professor of Politics and Data Science
Room CBG 4.37 |

Portrait photo of Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey

Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey (Prof)
Professor in Political Science
Room CBG 3.09 | +44 (0)207 955 7187 |

Portrait photo of John Sidel

John Sidel (Prof)
Sir Patrick Gillam Chair in International and Comparative Politics (Joint appointment with LSE International Relations)
Room CBG 3.35 |

Portrait photo of Kai Spiekermann

Kai Spiekermann (Prof)
Professor of Political Philosophy
Room CBG 4.26 |

Portrait photo of Pavithra Suryanarayan

Pavithra Suryanarayan (Dr)
Assistant Professor
Room CBG 4.31 |


Portrait photo of Felipe Torres-Raposo

Felipe Torres Raposo (Dr)
Fellow in Quantitative Methods
CBG 3.12 |


Portrait photo of Aliz Tóth

Aliz Tóth (Dr)
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Room CBG 4.13 |

Portrait photo of Professor Tony Travers

Tony Travers (Prof)
Professor in Practice
Room CBG 5.28 | +44 (0)207 955 7777 |

Portrait photo of Deidre Troy

Deirdre Troy (Dr)
LSE Fellow in Political Theory
Room CBG 3.06 |


tamara tubakovic

Tamara Tubakovic (Dr)
Fellow in Public Policy and Administration
Room CBG 3.11 |


Portrait photo of Joachim Wehner

Joachim Wehner (Dr)
Associate Professor in Public Policy
Room CBG 3.22 |

Portrait photo of Stephane Wolton

Stephane Wolton (Prof)
Professor in Political Science
Room CBG 3.40 |

Portrait photo of Dr David Woodruff

David Woodruff (Dr)
Associate Professor of Comparative Politics
Room CBG 3.31 |


Portrait photo of Professor Lea Ypi

Lea Ypi (Prof)
Professor in Political Theory
Room CBG 4.33 |

Professional Services Staff

Please note, our student desk is at CBG 3.20 and our opening hours are weekdays, 10.00am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 4.00pm.

Portrait photo of Imran

Imran Iqbal (Mr)
Department Manager
Room CBG 3.01 | +44 (0)207 955 7908 |

Ask me about: Department Strategy | The Communications, Research and Resources Team | The Teaching Team

Education Team

Portrait photo of Natalie

Natalie Paris (Ms)
(Interim) Deputy Department Manager
Room CBG 3.20 | +44 (0)207 955 7909 |

Ask me about: The Teaching Team | Teaching Policy | Teaching Resourcing

blank square

Charlie Tickle (Mr)
Programmes Manager
Room CBG 3.20 | +44 (0)207 955 6300 |

Ask me about: MSc & UG Programme Administration | Postgraduate & Undergraduate Admissions | Assessments & Exams

blank square

Katerina Collins (Ms)
Programme Administrator (UG)
Room CBG 3.20 |

Ask me about: Programme Administration


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BellaRose Lennon (Ms)
Programme Administrator (UG)
Room CBG 3.20 |

Ask me about: Programme Administration

blank square

Laure Van Rensburg (Ms)
Programme Administrator (MSc)
Room CBG 3.20 |

Ask me about: Programme Administration

Portrait photo of Emily

Emily Crook (Mrs)
PhD and Programme Delivery Manager
Room CBG 3.20 | +44 (0)207 955 7929 |

Ask me about: MRes/PhD Programme | Teaching administration/enquiries

Portrait photo of Serena James

Serena James (Ms)
(Interim) Student Advice and Support Manager
Room CBG 3.21 |

Ask me about: Getting advice and support

Faculty Affairs Team

Portrait photo of Karen

Karen Dickenson (Ms)
Finance and Advancement Manager
Room CBG 3.20 | +44 (0)207 955 7748 |

Ask me about: Finance and Advancement

blank square

Kay O'Neill
Communications and Events Manager
Room CBG 3.20 |

Ask me about: Events | Communications | Blog | Social Media

Portrait photo of Clair Harrison

Clair Harrison (Ms)
Faculty Affairs Manager
Room CBG 3.20 | +44 (0)207 849 4970 |

Ask me about: Faculty Affairs

Portrait photo of James

James Robins (Mr)
Web and Digital Media Manager
Room CBG 3.20 | +44 (0)203 486 2617 |

Ask me about: Website | Video & Multimedia Production | Blog | Social Media

blank square

Kevin Shields (Mr)
Faculty Affairs Administrator
Room CBG 3.20 | +44 (0)20 7106 1199 |

Ask me about: Faculty Affairs

Portrait photo of Shelly

Shelly Wilkley (Mrs)
Research Manager
Room CBG 3.20 |

Ask me about: Research

Research Staff

Portrait photo of Zachary Dickson

Zachary Dickson (Mr)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Portrait photo of Sarah Harrison

Sarah Harrison (Dr)
Assistant Professorial Research Fellow (Electoral Psychology Observatory)
Room CBG 3.24 |

Guest Teachers and GTAs

Guest Teachers

Sebastian Balfour (GV245 Guest Lecturer)

Sarah Goff (GV4D7, GV4H3 and GV499)

Geoffrey Myers (GV343)

Jill Stuart (GV344/GV499)

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Maximillian Afnan (GV100)

Ville Aula (GV252 and GV263)

Luis Bosshart (GV482)

Morris Chan (GV101)

Cristina Conesa Pla (GV267)

Julia-Anne Costet (GV100)

Tommaso Crescioli (GV225)

Andrea Delestrade (GV100)

Tessa Devereaux-Evans (GV245)

Caroline Elak (GV248)

Melanie Erspamer (GV100)

Robert Falconer (GV249)

Ugo Gaudino (Dr) (GV248 and GV264)

Kristof Horvath (GV245)

Conor Kelly (GV311)

Yusuf Khan (GV262)

Paul Kindermann (GV251)

Matthias Kroenke (Dr) (GV101)

Evgeniya Kudinova (GV4L8)

Tiffany Lau (GV4L9)

Nick Lewis (GV101)

Xufan Ma (GV267)

Alexander McKenna (Dr) (GV311)

Stefano Merlo (GV441)

Lennard Metson (GV249 Data Assistant)

Emma Obermair (GV262)

Asfa Shakeel (GV249)

Alexander Soldatkin (GV263)

Sarah Tustin (GV101)

Stephanie Wanga (GV248)

Jan Wasserziehr (GV100)

Felix Westeren (GV262)

Peter Wyckoff (GV263)

Alex Yeandle (GV249)

Antoine Zerbini (GV225)

Research Students

A | B | CF | G | H | I | J | KL | MN | O | P | S | T | V | W | Y | Z


Luqman Abu El Foul (MRes Student)
Thesis: 'Palestine up in Arms: Contentious Politics and the Arab Revolt of 1936-1939'

Meshal Alkhowaiter
Thesis: 'How targeted economic policies shape government approval in non-democratic and rentier countries'

Laurence Antao


Tom Bailey

Luis Bosshart
Thesis: 'Essays in coming to terms with the past: Transitional justice and memory in postwar Germany'


Morris Chan

Vanessa Cheng-Matsuno
Thesis: 'Political Instability: Does it Disrupt the Bureaucracy?'

Joel Chong
Thesis: 'Disenchanting the Divine'

Asli Ceren Cinar
Thesis: 'Power of Perception: Unveiling the Multidimensional Dynamics of Candidate Preference'

Cristina Conesa Pla

Julia Costet
Thesis: 'Speaking Rape: Feminist Dilemmas on Language and Experience' 


Reuben Finighan

Maximilian Fink (MRes Student)


Hilke Gudel


Vincent Harting
Thesis: 'Material Constitutionalism and the Politics of Anti-Oligarchy'

Martin Haus
Thesis: 'Three Essays on Bureaucracy and Public Schools in Rural India'

Isolde Hegemann (MRes Student)


Angga Indraswara
Thesis: 'Beyond Numerical Inferiority: The Politics of Catholic and Protestant Minorities in Indonesia'

Gaetano Inglese


Sarah Jewett


Yusuf Imaad Khan


Rune Wriedt Larsen
Thesis: 'Civil War, Statebuilding, and Types of Armed Organisations in Southeast Asia'

Tiffany Lau
Thesis: 'Exposure to polarised political discussions online and generalised trust'

Nick Lewis
Thesis: 'Do social media create bias in democratic deliberation?'


Xufan (Nadia) Ma
Thesis: 'Chinese Feminism 1980s-2010s'

Andrew McNeil
Thesis: 'Intergenerational social mobility and anti-system voting – The journey matters'

Lennard Metson (MRes Student)

Frieder Mitsch


Miran Norderland

Oscar Nowlan


Emma Obermair
Thesis: 'Democratic equality, neoliberal capitalism and uncertainty: Critically rethinking scientific production'


Alberto Parmigiani
Thesis: 'Essays on Economic and Political Inequalities'

Michal Pasovsky
Thesis: (TBD) 'Multitudes of Denial in a Settler-Colonial State'

Ariel Perkins


Diego Sazo
Thesis: 'The Violent Disconnection: Broken Societies and the Logic of Civil Disorder in Latin America'

Asfa Shakeel

Andreas-Johann Sorger
Thesis: 'A Philosophical Colour Line: Racism and Political Theory'


Carol Thanki

Theint Theint Thu (MRes Student)
Thesis: 'The Politics of Public Service Provision in Fragile States'


Tarsha Vasu (MRes Student)
Thesis: 'Political representation of women and education in India'

Lorenzo Vicari


Stephanie Wanga
Thesis: 'The State and its Competitors in East Africa: A History'

Jan Henrik Wasserziehr

Felix Westerén
Thesis: 'Preserving value in the face of climate change: a pluralist account'

Peter Wyckoff
Thesis: 'Employment, climate policy and legislative politics'


Alex Yeandle
Thesis: 'Information and Electoral Accountability in Sub-Saharan Africa'


Khairulanwar Zaini (MRes Student)

Antoine Zerbini
Thesis: 'Essays in Informational Political Economy'

Emeritus, Affiliated & Visiting Academic Staff

Emeritus | Affiliated | Visiting

Emeritus and Retired academic staff

Affiliated academic staff

Visiting academic staff

  • David Banisar (Dr) - Visiting Senior Fellow (until April 2024)

  • Sevinc Bermek (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until August 2024)

  • Carlos Bravo Laguna (Dr) - Visiting Fellows (until August 2024)
  • Andrea Capussela (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until April 2026)

  • Francesco Colombo (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until June 2024)
  • Daniel de Kadt (Dr) - Visiting Senior Fellow (until February 2025)

  • Thoraya El-Rayyes (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until March 2024)

  • Federico Fuchs (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until March 2026)
  • Francisco Garcia-Gibson (Dr) - Visting Fellow (until September 2024)
  • Efe Gurcan (Dr) - Visiting Senior Fellow (until September 2025)
  • Dominik Hangartner (Dr) - Visiting Professor (until November 2024)

  • Helios Herrera (Prof) - Visiting Professor (until August 2026)

  • Tuomas Kari (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until July 2025)
  • Bruno Leipold (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until October 2025)

  • Julia Leschke (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until March 2024)

  • Lanlan Li (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until January 2025)
  • Richard Mottram (Sir) - Visiting Professor (until September 2024)

  • Geoffrey Myers (Prof) - Visiting Professor in Practice (until August 2026)

  • Alberto Parmigiani (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until May 2025)
  • Elena Pupaza (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until January 2025)

  • Antoni Rodon-Casarramona (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until December 2025)

  • Andrew Rudalevige (Prof) - Visiting Professsor (until June 2024)
  • Nelson Ruiz (Dr) - Visiting Senior Fellow (until May 2026)

  • Lukas Slothuus (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until September 2025)

  • Zeynep Somer Topcu (Dr) - Visiting Senior Fellow (until July 2024)
  • Christine Stedtnitz (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until March 2027)
  • Jill Stuart (Dr) - Visiting Fellow (until September 2026)
  • Tinghua Yu (Dr) - Visiting Senior Fellow (until February 2025)

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